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1st Mrs. John Strong
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Elizabeth K. BARRY


  • Born: 16 May 1833, Illinois 2
  • Marriage: Elizabeth K. BARRY on 22 Feb 1860 in Cole County, Missouri 1
  • Died: 13 Apr 1876, Stotesbury, Vernon County, Missouri 3

bullet  Burial Notes:

Probably buried in Turley Cemetery, southeast of Stotesbury. See Burial Note for James Riley Strong.


bullet  Noted events in his life were:

1. Census: 1840, Cole County, Missouri. 4

Household of Hiram Strong: Presumed to be one of the males age 5-10.

2. Census: 1850, Newton County, Missouri. 5

Household of Hiram Strong: Eli Strong, age 17, male, farmer, born in Illinois.

3. Census: 1860, Cole County, Missouri. 6

Household of Sally Legg (wife's mother): Eli Strong, age 27, male, laborer, born in Illiniois.

4. Deed: 1863, Moniteau County, Missouri. 7

Dated 18 Feb 1863, Filed 20 Aug 1863, Bk I:304
S. H. Legg, Administrator of the Estate of Marcelmus Barry, Dec'd, to Eli Strong. Property was ordered sold by the County Court of Cole County, Missouri at its May 1862 term; property was appraised by Watson Gist, William Hyatt and Samuel Meyer of Moniteau; property was sold at private sale to Eli Strong on 6 Nov 1862 for $320; and sale was approved at the Feb 1863 term of said Court. This Deed was given pursuant to Court approval and was for the NW1/4 of the NW1/4 and the SW1/4 of the NW1/4 and the SE1/4 and the NW1/4 of Sec. 16, Twp. 44, Range 16, about 53 1/3 acres [but legal description is for 120 acres].

Dated 20 Jul 1863, Filed 20 Aug 1863, Bk I:305
Sarah J. Legg to Eli Strong and Elizabeth K. Strong his wife, all of Moniteau Co.; $80 for the interest of John R. Barry in the SW1/4 of the NW1/4 and the SE1/4 of the NW1/4 [and the SE1/4 of the NW1/4 -- repeated in error] and the NW1/4 of the NW1/4 of Sec. 16, Twp. 44, Range 16, containing about 120 acres.

[These two deeds describe the same property, suggesting the property was owned by both Marcelmus and John R. Barry. That might explain why the deed on behalf of Marcelmus was stated to be for about 53 1/3 acres. Query by what authority Sarah, who was the mother of both Marcelmus and John as well as the mother of Elizabeth K. Strong, conveyed John's interest. S. H. Legg, the Administrator of Marcelmus' Estate, was a stepson of Sarah's.]

5. Deed: 1866, Moniteau County, Missouri. 8

Dated 14 Nov 1866, Filed 9 Jan 1867, Bk L:37
Frederick Hyatt and Elizabeth C. Hyatt his wife of St. Louis Co., MO to Christopher Gist, Eli Strong and William R. Hyatt, all of Moniteau Co., as "Trustees for the Neighborhood;" $1 for one acre including a graveyard, part of property conveyed to Frederick Hyatt and Edward R. Coward by deed dated 1 Nov 1859, recorded in Bk G:198.

[By the deed at Bk G:198, Hyatt acquired in part the NE1/4 of the NE1/4 of Sec. 18, Twp. 44, Range 16, which is where Green Grove Cemetery is located.]

6. Deed: 1869, Vernon County, Missouri. 9

Dated 27 Feb 1869, Recorded 1 Mar 1869, Bk J:211
Ezekiel Rhea and Mary Rhea his wife to Eli Strong; $1600 for the NE1/4 of Sec. 27, Twp. 37, Range 33, 160 acres, and the SE[1/4?] of Sec. 22, Twp. 37, Range 33, 40 acres.

7. Census: 1870, Moniteau County, Missouri. 10

Strong, Ely, age 35, male, white, farmer, $3000 real property, $300 personal property, born in Illinois
Strong, Elizabeth, age 30, female, white, keeping house, born in Illinois
Strong, John R., age 9, male, white, born in Missouri
Strong, Virginia S., age 24, male, white, farmer, $2000 real property, $200 personal property, born in Missouri
Strong, Sarah, age 23, female, white, keeping house, born in Missouri
Strong, Charlie, age 6/12, male, white, born in Missouri
Strong, Robert S., age 4 male, white, born in Missouri

[This is a confusing enumeration, both because of errors and because it is a blended household. Virginia should have been age 4, female and, of course, without property. Sarah, Eli's and Elizabeth's daughter, would have been about age 2; either her age was incorrectly recorded or she was omitted and the enumerated Sarah was another person. The enumerated Sarah could have been Eli's sister who was born in 1848; otherwise, there is no record of her in the 1870 census. Robert is thought to be the son of Eli's older brother, Henry. Henry and the rest of his family were enumerated in the household of Eli's younger brother, James, in Vernon County, Missouri.]

8. Deed: 1873, Moniteau County, Missouri. 11

Dated 12 Apr 1873, Filed 7 Nov 1873, Bk R:233
Eli Strong and Elizabeth K. Strong of Moniteau to John H. Miller of Moniteau; $50 for 3 acres, commencing at SW Corner of SW1/4 of NW[1/4?] of Sec. 16, Twp 44, Range 16, along the county road leading from Tipton to High Point.

[Vernon Co. deeds suggest Eli and Elizabeth then lived in Vernon Co.]

9. Deed: 1874, Vernon County, Missouri. 12

Dated 13 Jun 1874, Recorded 25 Jun 1874, Bk 1:395
Eli Strong (by Sheriff W. H. Taylor) to E. R. Howard, highest bidder at sale to satisfy judgments in favor of Mary E. Smith and William Redmon totaling $983 plus costs of $18.35 against Eli Strong, rendered 29 Jan 1874 in Court of Common Pleas, Moniteau County, Missouri [FHL film for this Court is unavailable]; $325 for the NE1/4 of Sec. 27, Twp. 37, Range 33 and the SE1/4 of Sec. 22, Twp. 37, Range 33.

[See the 1877 mortgage sale of the same property.]

10. Estate Administration: 1876-1879, Vernon County, Missouri. 13 14 15 16

[Note re source material. The archived documents are the originals. The pages filmed from the various official books of records are transcriptions of the original documents.]

Application for Letters of Administration, 11 May 1876, Bk F:632 (Film):
In his affidavit, William Hoover stated, "Eli Strong departed this life at Vernon County Missouri on the 13th day of April 1876." Court noted that it appeared Eli had died seized of personal property probably worth $125, that "he had left no widow or next of kin." [Cf. actual bond which follows.]

Letters of Administration and Administrator's Bond and Oath, 11 May 1876 (Archives):
William Hoover appointed Administrator of the Estate of Eli Strong, Dec'd and bond was set at $250. His securities were Jas. R. Strong and F. M. Kinsey. In his Oath, Wm Hoover declared Eli Strong died intestate on 13 Apr 1876 in Vernon County, Missouri and left heirs as follows: "John R. Virginia M. Sarah L. and Charles M. Strong, all minors and children of deceased & residents of Vernon Co., Mo."

Appointment of Witnessess, 11 May 1876 (Archives):
J. M. Bell and Lewis Glover were appointed Witnesses to assist Administrator in making an inventory.

Inventory, dated 19 May 1876, recorded 10 Jul 1876 in Bk D:463 (Archives and Film):
1 cow, 1 mowing machine, 1 churn and five gallon jar, 1 wash pan and bucket, 100 bushels of corn more or less, 1 set cups and saucers, 7 chairs and 2 lamps, 1 set knives and forks and 3 spoons, 1 set plates and 2 dishes, 1 glass tumbler and pitcher, 2 jars, 1 crock pan and jug bucket and dipper, 1 Bible and Box, 1 stove no. 7 and vesels, 2 slates and looking glass, 1 table, 1 bed stead, 1 bed and bedding, 1 box and contents, 1 bed and bedding, 1 lot of tobacco, half of bee hive.

Appraisement, dated 19 May 1876, recorded 10 Jul 1876 in Bk D:465 (Archives and Film):
The appraisers were W. W. Armstrong, W. L. Glover and J. W. HIckman. The inventoried personal property was appraised at $100.35. The most valuable assets were the cow at $15, the mowing machine at $25, and the approximate 100 bushels of corn at $21.

Sale Bill, affidavit of clerk to sale dated 8 Jul 1976, recorded 10 Jul 1876 in Bk D:466 (Archives and Film):
The total amount from the Sale Bill is $126.50. James Strong purchased the mowing machine, a weeding hoe, a grubing hoe, a shovel, 4 chairs and a table. Mrs. Leg [mother-in-law] purchased the churn, the bucket and cup, the plates, the Bible, the pitcher, a bed quilt, two beds, a bolster and pillows. [Query whether Sarah Legg may have lived with the Eli Strong family and she was in fact buying items she had been using.]

Letters of Administation, dated 24 Feb 1877, recorded Bk G:259 (Film) and Administrator's Bond, dated 19 Feb 1877, recorded Bk B:522 (Archives):
William Hoover having died, Letters of Administration de bonis non were issued to James R. Strong, with bond of $250. His Securities were Wm Kaufman and John B. Raines. "De bonis non" was the term used to indicate a successor Administrator due to the death of the original Administrator.

Turnover Settlement, dated 6 Apr 1877, recorded in Bk D:38 (Archives and Film):
Dewitt Hoover, Administrator of the Estate of William Hoover, Dec'd, submitted a Turnover Settlement to James R. Strong, Administrator de bonis non of the Estate of Eli Strong, Dec'd. The Turnover Settlement charged the Hoover Estate for $126.50, the amount from the Sale Bill. It was credited with $104.65 in sale notes to be turned over to J. R. Strong, $2.00 for probate fees, $5.20 for 5% commission on said sale notes, and $3.00 for attorneys fees. The charges and credits resulted in a balance due the Estate of Eli Strong, Dec'd, of $11.65.

First Settlement by James R. Strong, Admr, 12 Feb 1878, Bk D:193 (Archives and Film):
Charged with $104.65, the amount of sale notes received from the estate of the previous Administrator. Reported collections on the sale notes of $58.70. Reported payments made on behalf of the Estate in the amount of $58, as follows: $4 paid to Probate Judge, $21 and $18 paid to different doctors for decedent's medical care and $15 paid for funeral and coffin expenses. The resulting balance, excluding sale notes not yet collected, was $.70.

Final Settlement by Jas R Strong, Admr, 6 Oct 1879, recorded 3 Nov 1879 in Bk E:31 (Archives):
Charged with $.70, balance from first settlement, $63.10 collected on sale notes, including $35.55 from J. R. Strong, and $11.70 interest, for a total of $75.50. [The amounts collected on the sale notes in the first and the final settlement together were more than the face amount of the notes turned over. Perhaps the difference was accrued interest.] Credited with funeral expenses of $.70, probate fees and expenses of $25.95, property taxes of $49.25 and an administrator's fee of $7.70, for a total of $83.60. Thus, a balance of $8.10 was due the Administrator, i.e., J. R. Strong spent his own funds to fully settle the claims against the Estate. Nothing was left for the minor heirs of Eli. [The delinquent property taxes were for 1871 and 1872. The real property consisted of the NE1/4 of Sec. 27, Twp. 37, Range 33 (160 acres) and the NE1/4 of the SE1/4 of Sec. 22, Twp. 37, Range 33 (40 acres).]

11. Deed: 1877, Vernon County, Missouri. 17

Dated 10 May 1877, Recorded 5 Jun 1877, Bk 6:66
Eli Strong (by Sheriff William B. McKinnis) to J. B. Rains, a foreclosure sale pursuant to mortgage given to secure an $1100 loan from the Capital School Fund, dated 1 Mar 1869, for which a default was entered on 16 Feb 1877 in the amount of $1,402.77 principal and interest; $1479 for the NE1/4 of Sec. 27 and the NE1/4 of the SE1/4 of Sec. 22, Twp. 37, Range 33.

[Note Eli's Vernon County property was subject to two different Sheriff's sales, this one and the one in 1874 to satisfy a Moniteau County judgment. It is unclear why the secured position of the Capital School Fund was not asserted at the 1874 sale. At any rate, it would appear the mortgagee prevailed over the 1874 Sheriff's sale, since it was J. B. Rains who in 1879 sold James R. Strong part of what had been Eli's land.]


Eli married Elizabeth K. BARRY, daughter of Joseph Stewart BARRY and Sarah Jane KING, on 22 Feb 1860 in Cole County, Missouri.1 (Elizabeth K. BARRY was born on 22 Nov 1839 in Illinois 3 and died on 10 Dec 1873 in Stotesbury, Vernon County, Missouri 3.)



1 Guy M. & Ruth Wells Sone, Compilers, Marriage Records of Cole County, Missouri, 1821-1900, (1964), FHL Film No. 874,050, Bk B:199.

2 Strong Family Bible. It would appear the Strong Family Bible may have originally belonged to Eli and Elizabeth Strong, for the births of their children appear to have been entered before the births of the children of J. R. and Polly Strong. This bible may have been the bible that was purchased in 1876 from the Estate of Eli Strong, Dec'd by Sarah Legg, mother of Elizabeth (Barry) Strong and Polly (Legg) Strong, which upon her death probably passed to Polly. Beginning with the birth of Eli and Elizabeth's daughter, Betty, in 1873 (Elizabeth died a week later), the entries appear to have been made by Polly until she died in 1916, at which time the handwriting noticeably changes and thereafter is presumed to be that of Bertha (Strong) Young, Polly's youngest daughter and the possessor of the bible, or at least the Family Record pages, at the time of her death in 1963. It thus appears that before Polly started maintaining the Family Records, the bible only contained entries for the family of Eli and Elizabeth Strong. Once Polly took over, she appears to have added the entries for the J. R. and Polly Strong family. [While Elizabeth's and Polly's handwriting is similar, there are some subtle differences. For example, the "B" in "Born" begins with a loop in the case of the entries for the family of Eli and Elizabeth, while it begins with a straight stroke for the family of J. R. and Polly. Also, the names of J. R. and Polly's children are listed separately in a column on the first page that was originally intended for deaths.] One possible exception to this scenario concerns the marriage information for Eli and Elizabeth - that may have been added by Polly at the same time she added her own marriage information. The handwriting for both marriage entries seems to be identical and it also matches the death entries for Eli and Elizabeth, which were probably made by Polly. Moreover, both marriage entries spell "married" as "maried." The Family Record pages have been removed from the bible, which appears to no longer exist. Originally, these pages immediately followed the end of the Old Testament. It is not known when or by whom the Family Record pages were removed. They may or may not have still been part of the bible when Bertha Dell Young nee Strong died in 1963. After Bertha's death, only the Family Record pages were passed on to her grand-nephew, Robert E. Strong, Jr.

3 Strong Family Bible.

4 1840 Census, Cole County, Missouri, FHL Film No. 014,855, Page 93. The FHC index for the 1840 census for Missouri identifies the only Strong entry for Cole County as Hardin Strong. After examining the actual census film, I have concluded this is Hiram Strong.

5 1850 Census, Newton County, Missouri, FHL Film No. 443,616, Pages 323B-324A (Neosho Twp., Dwelling 39, Family 39).

6 1860 Census, Cole County, Missouri, FHL Film No. 803,615, Page 227 (Moreau Twp, Dwelling 316, Family 320).

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15 Inventory, Appraisement and Sale Bills, Vernon County, Missouri, Vol. D, 1875-1879, FHL No. 960,829.

16 Estate Settlement Records, Vernon County, Missouri, Vol. D, 1877-1879, FHL Film No. 960,831.

17 Deed Records, Vernon County, Missouri, Vol. 10-11, 1879-1880, FHL Film No. 960,794.

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