(1746-Bef 1806)
(1770/1775-Bef 1848)
1st Mrs. John Strong
(Abt 1815-Bef 1865)


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  • Born: Abt 1815, Smith County, Tennessee 2
  • Died: Bef 19 Sep 1865, Lincoln County, Tennessee 3

bullet   Another name for Mary was Polly.4


bullet  Research Notes:

Mary has been listed as a daughter of John and his unknown first wife because of the 1820 census, which shows females under age 10 in his household and a wife age 26-45. Using the 1860 census, Mary would have been 5 years old in 1820. The wife of the 1820 census would have been too old to be Sarah, who would have been in the 16-26 age range in 1820. To the extent the 1850 census indicates Mary may have been older than 5 years old in 1820, the case for her mother being an unknown first wife becomes even more compelling.


bullet  Noted events in her life were:

1. Estate Administration: 1835-1836, Smith County, Tennessee. 5

Sarah Strong and Mary Strong filed claims in the Estate of Benjamin Scrivner, Dec'd. [For details, see Events for Benjamin Scrivner.] Benjamin was the grandfather of Rebecca Scrivner, who married Hiram Strong, and Margaret Scrivner, who married Martin Strong. While the basis for the claims was unstated, it is suspected that Sarah and Mary may have rendered household services to Benjamin and his wife at a time when most of their family had moved away and when they were old and infirm. They were also poor, having lost everything when their home burned in 1825. It was not until Benjamin received his Revolutionary War pension in 1833, that he appears to have had any means of support.

2. Census: 1850, Lincoln County, Tennessee. 1

Household of Sarah Strong: Mary Strong, age 45, female, born in Tenn., cannot read or write.

[It is hard to get a fix on when Mary was born since both the 1850 census and the 1860 census list her as age 45. Since other evidence shows the 1850 census to be off the mark with respect to Sarah's age and the 1860 census to be accurate, the 1860 census is considered to be the best evidence of when Mary was born. ]

3. Census: 1860, Lincoln County, Tennessee. 2

Household of Sarah Strong: Mary Strong, age 45, female, spinning, born in Tenn., cannot read or write.

4. Estate Administration: 1865-1875, Lincoln County, Tennessee. 3 6 7

[See the Estate Administration Event for John Strong for some background information pertaining to the administration of the Estate of Mary Strong, Dec'd.]

Account of Estate Sale, Page 266
Wm D. Moorehead, Adm, submitted a list of property sold 19 Sep 1865 at the late residence of Mary Strong, Dec'd, which was sworn to and submitted to the clerk of the court on 17 Sep 1866. The items sold, to whom and the sale price are set forth below:
1 large pot to W. A. Carter for $2.25 [Willis A. Carter was sister Elizabeth's husband]
1 bed quilt to W. A. Carter for $1.60
1 quilt to W. A. Carter for $3.30
1 trunnel bed stiad to W. A. Carter for $1.15
1 set of plaits to W. A. Carter for $0.75
1 piggin to W. A. Carter for $0.30
1 bed and seat to W. A. Carter for $33.05
1 small pot to Sarah Strong for $0.70 [Sarah was the wife of brother Samuel]
2 sleighs and temples to Sarah Strong for $1.00
pair shears to Sarah Strong for $0.35
Crock to ____ Suttrell for $0.50
Counterpan to ____ Suttrell for $9.00
Bed quilt to ____ Suttrell for $1.50
Coverlet to ____ Suttrell for $6.85
Candle stand to ____ Suttrell for $1.80
2 jars to S. Thompson for $0.65
Side saddle to S. Thompson for $0.50
Table to Wm Gaten for $4.00
Bed quilt to Wm Gaten for $3.35
Side saddle to James Thompson for $2.00 [James was sister Matilda's husband]
Pair of dogs to Mat Carter for $0.55
Small wheel to __ C. Hague for $0.75
Pitcher to Bennet Sollimon for $1.25
Pair candle molds to Martha White for $0.55
Candle stick to Mary Sullinger for $0.15
Set knives & forks to Wm Couch for $0.25
2 slays to Jas Radekin for $1.50
3 slays to Jas Radekin for $1.55
Total Proceeds of Sale was $81.35. [No settlement by Wm D. Moorehead has been found.]

Estate Settlement dated 23 Jul 1870, Filed by W. A. Carter, Adm, Page 181
Charged with $229.37 as of 6 Apr 1868, it being Polly Strong's distributive share of her deceased father's [real] estate. Also charged with $8.30 as of 22 Jul 1870, from W. D. Moorehead, Adm of Estate of John Strong, Dec'd, it being her share of her deceased father's personal estate. Total charges were $237.67. Credited for $14.33 paid to P. R. Whitaker for medical bills, $10.00 to J. M. Bright of Bright & Bright Attys, $4.00 for court costs and $25.00 to W. A. Carter ("allowed you for your trouble"). Total credits were $53.33. Balance due Estate was $184.34.

Estate Settlement dated 29 Jun 1875, Filed by W. A. Carter, Adm, Loose Record in Chancery Court Files
Charged with $184.34 as per last Settlement of 29 Jul 1870. Credited for distributions of full shares to heirs as follows: $17.80 to Samuel Little, as attorney in fact for Dathula Stone, as per receipt dated 5 Sep 1870; $17.80 to Catherine Hedgpeth, as per receipt dated 6 Sep 1870; $17.80 to heirs of Martha Little, as per receipt dated 21 Sep 1870; $17.80 to W. A. Carter, as guardian of Martha C. Thompson, minor heir of Jane Thompson, Dec'd, as per receipt dated 29 Jul 1870; $17.80 to W. A. Carter, as guardian of Tabitha C. Thompson, minor heir of Matilda Thompson, as per receipt dated 29 Jul 1870; and $17.80 to W. A. Carter as his wife's share, as per receipt dated 29 Jul 1870. Also credited for $1.00 paid to the clerk. Credits totalled $107.80, leaving a balance of $76.54 "held ready for distribution among those entitled thereto when called for, but the Admin does not know of their whereabouts and consequently cannot pay the money out." Approved 24 Jul 1875.

[Since Mary died intestate without a spouse and without children, her heirs were her brothers and sisters, including the estates or heirs of any deceased brother or sister. That means the preceding record had the potential for providing a definitive list of the children of John Strong. But, it did not fulfill its potential. It does appear as though the Administrator and Court attempted to follow the intestate laws of distribution, in that it appears ten shares were created, in the amount of $17.80 each, for a total of $178.00, with the $6.34 difference from that available for distribution perhaps reserved for further administrative costs. The number of shares corresponds to the number of children I've identified, although that number includes Edmond/Edmund. But, only recipients of six of the shares were identified. One curious omission was the heirs of Samuel Clinton Strong. Samuel was married to Sarah Carter, a sister of W. A. Carter, the Administator, and she and her children lived in Lincoln County. Another omission that raises issues is that of Edmond/Edmund Strawn/Strong. Since he appears to have lived in neighboring Franklin County, Tennessee in 1870, it seems his whereabouts should have been known, if, that is, he was really a Strong. Might his omission indicate he was not a Strong, or might it just be a further indication he had become estranged from his family after he discovered he was not a beneficiary of John's Will. That leaves James and Hiram, whom I expect the family in Lincoln County had truly lost track of, even though they surely knew their names. It looks like I will have to be satisfied with the circumstantial case I've built for my Hiram Strong as being a son of John Strong.]



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