Henry BOWERS (Sr.)
(-After 1789)
Andrew BOWER (Sr.)
(Abt 1801-1852)


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Henry BOWERS 1

  • Born: Abt 1801, probably Grayson County, Virginia 2 3
  • Marriage: Mary
  • Died: 1852, Montgomery County, Indiana 4

bullet  Research Notes:

There was a Land Patent issued 15 Mar 1837 to Henry Bower of Clark County, Indiana for 80 acres in Shelby County, Indiana. [Henry of Clark County was also issued Land Patents for Shelby County in 1823.] This is not the subject Henry Bowers. The Clark County Henry was born 1779 and died 1840 per the cited source. The Clark County Henry had a son, Henry Alexander Bower, who also lived in Montgomery County, Indiana for a time before 1850, but he was born 1822 and died 1809. Nonetheless, it seems quite possible the Clark County Bower family is somehow related to my Bowers family, since the naming patterns are almost identical. The Clark County Bowers came to Clark County about 1815 from Rowan County, North Carolina. They are believed to have prior Virginia and Pennsylvania roots. 5 6

bullet  Death Notes:

The Notice of Death filed by Joseph Hall states Henry died in either February or March 1852. However, a voucher for medical services shows the last visit by his doctor was 29 Apr 1852 and another voucher shows a coffin was paid for on 1 May 1852. It thus seems that Henry died at the end of April 1852.


bullet  Noted events in his life were:

1. Tax List: 1827-1830, Grainger County, Tennessee. 7

1827 Capt. Atkins Co.: Henry Bower, 1 white poll

1828 Capt. Atkins Company: Henry Bower, 1 white poll

1830 Capt. Atkinses Old Company: Henry Bower, 1 white poll

2. Census: 1830, Grainger County, Tennessee. 1

Henry Bowers: 00002-0001

Note: Located 2 families from John Bowers and 9 families from Andrew Bowers. The second adult male in the household may have been Jacob Bowers, presumed brother.

3. Census: 1840, Montgomery County, Indiana. 8

Henry Bowers: 210001-10001

4. Census: 1850, Montgomery County, Indiana. 2

Dwelling 1080, Family 1084, Madison Township
Henry Bowers, age 49, male, farmer, born in Va, cannot read or write
Mary Bowers, age 40, female, born in Tenn, cannot read or write
Oliver Bowers, age 17, male, born in Ind, attended school
Daniel Bowers, age 15, male, born in Ind, attended school
Jacob Bowers, age 13, male, born in Ind, attended school
Catherine Bowers, age 11, female, born in Ind, attended school
Henry J. Bowers, age 9, male, born in Ind, attended school
James Bowers, age 7, male, born in Ind
Mary A. Bowers, age 3, born in Ind

5. Estate Administration: 1852-1855, Montgomery County, Indiana. 4

Selected Items from the Probate File:

Notice of Death filed 28 May 1852 by Joseph Hall
Joseph Hall informed the Probate Court of Montgomery County that Henry Bowers had died therein, without leaving a will, in the month of February or March, 1852; that Henry had left a personal estate not exceeding $700; and that his wife had also since died, leaving minor children. [See Death Notes for evidence he died at the end of April.]

Appointment of Administrator on 28 May 1852
Joseph Hall was appointed Administrator of the Estate of Henry Bowers, Dec'd.

Inventory of Estate, made 23 Jun 1852 by David Martin and Joel Daugherty, Appraisers, filed 3 Sep 1852 by Joseph Hall
Money on hands, $0.00
Book Accounts, $0.00
Notes, $0.00
Nine chairs, $3.00
Cubbourd and waire, $3.50
Two tables, $1.00
Cooking utensils, $3.00
Judgs Crocks flat iron coffee mill, $1.00
Two buckets pan and lard, $1.50
Four axes, $3.25
One tub and wash board, $0.75
Two wheels and Real(?), $4.00
Four pieces of leather and shoes tools, $3.50
One pair of Stillard, $0.75
One rifle gun, $7.00
One bead and beading and steads, $5.00
One more bead and beading and steads, $5.00
Twelve fleeces of wool, $8.00
Collars bridles and gears, $11.00
Horses shoes ring and sythe, $0.75
Two sythes and cradles mowing sythe, $2.50
Three barrels soap sifter corn meal keg, $2.25
One barrel and meat lard can, $1.50
One wind mill corn sheller, $1.00
Two guns, $1.00
One lot of irons and auger, $1.25
Three breaking ploughs, $6.00
Three shovel ploughs two cleaves, $5.00
Two double trees Three swingle trees, $1.00
One two horse wagon, $30.00
Twelve old sheep and lambs, $15.00
Fourteen head of hogs parcel of pigs, $70.00
One grey mare, $30.00
The old rone mare and colt, $50.00
The young rone mare, $45.00
One yoke of oxen, $40.00
One cow and calf, $13.00
One read cow, $12.00
One ? cow, $12.00
Young cattle two heifers one steer, $22.00
Corn supposed to be 500 bu, at 20 per, $100.00
Two thirds of two acres and half rye, $3.00
Two thirds of ten acres of wheat, $22.50
Twenty five geese, $3.00
Chickens, $0.25
TOTAL VALUE, $551.25

Account of Sale of Personal Property, made 25 Jun 1852, filed 21 Jul 1852
William Marin, four chairs, $0.80
Joel Daugherty, five chairs, $0.25
Samuel Bennet, one set of plates, $0.20
Joseph Royer, plates and pitcher, $0.16
Jonathan Royer, knives forks pans, $0.15
Ambrose Booher, one cupboard, $2.50
Willima Marin, milk pans, $0.20
Joseph Royer, jug jar and lamp, $0.25
Andrew Crum, smoothing iron and cofee mill, $0.15
Andrew Crum, pan and lard, $1.25
William Nelson, two potts, $0.70
Ambrose Booher, two skillets, $0.60
William Nelson, two skillets oven and hooks, $0.40
William Nelson, lot of sundrys, $0.40
Gustin Erwin, sythe horse shoes and sundrys, $0.50
Joseph Royer, one table, $0.25
Samuel Bennet, one table, $0.15
Joseph Royer, tub and wash bord, $0.20
Joseph Hall, two buckets, $0.35
Franklin Wilson, shoe tools, $1.60
William Nelson, one axe, $0.55
Joseph Royer, two axes, $0.35
William Nelson, two axes, $0.65
Mahlon Collins, steel yards, $0.625
Samuel Peterson, augur sheep shears, $0.15
Joseph Hall, one bed tick, $0.15
Mahlon Collins, basket and contents, $0.80
Andrew Crum, one bed and bedding and stids, $3.05
Mahlon Collins, bed bedding stids, $3.70
Ambrose Booher, table cloths, $0.75
Andrew Crum, lot of dishes and bottles, $0.25
Samuel Peterson, one quilt, $0.10
William Nelson, rifle gun, $6.00
Mahlon Collins, shovel plow, $2.00
Oliver Bowers, savel plow, $1.40
Ambrose Booher, savel plow, $2.00
David Martin, one large plow, $3.80
Mahlon Collins, crane plow, $0.25
Ambrose Booher, double and singles trees, $1.25
Lewis McCall, wind mill grind stone an corn sheler, $0.20
David Martin, two large guns(?), $0.75
David Martin, one keg, $0.30
Name not known, one sive, $0.16
Samuel Peterson, one barrel, $0.25
William Morin, tub and soap, $0.90
Joseph Royer, lard can, $0.25
Name not known, lot of sundrys, $0.10
Mahlon Collins, bacon pales, $0.125
Mahlon Collins, barrel and meat, $0.62
Oliver Bowers, cythe and cradle, $0.50
Mahlon Collins, mowing cythe, $0.25
Samuel Peterson, side of lether, $0.65
Ambrose Boher, piece of harnace, $0.65
William Kimsey, soal lether, $0.375
William Nelson, lot of sundrys, $0.05
Charles D Smith, lot old gears, $0.55
Charles D Smith, lot old gears, $2.25
John Tribbet, one set of gears, $1.95
Oliver Bowers, set of gears, $1.70
Oliver Bowers, two coller and bridles, $0.50
Mahlon Collins, lines and straps, $0.70
James Butcher, one large wheel, $1.85
William Nelson, real wheel, $1.00
Samuel Bennet, small wheel, $1.10
Charles D Smith, fifty five and a half lbs wool, $10.17
Ambrose Booher, one blanket, $1.00
Ambrose Booher, one blanket, $1.45
Mahlon Collins, one cythe and cradle, $0.25
Samuel Peterson, one barrel, $0.05
David Martin, one wagon, $29.00
Absalom Gilelan, 50 bushels corn, $10.25
Samuel Peterson, 50 bushels corn, $10.50
William Nelson, 50 bushels corn, $10.25
William Lawman, 50 bushels corn, $10.25
Thomas Dawson, 50 bushels corn, $10.00
Lewis McCall, 200 and seventy 74 bushels and 2/3 (?), $54.95
John Gilelan, mare and colt, $50.25
John Rice, gray mare, $30.50
Daniel Bowers, rone mare, $47.00
Fealdon Rice, yoke of cattle, $50.00
Thomas Brown, cow and calf, $17.50
Silas Peterson, heifer, $15.25
Silas Peterson, one red cow, $14.87 1/9
John Peterson, heifer, $7.00
John Peteson, heifer, $11.25
Alexander Campbell, one steer, $12.00
John Tribbet, five sheap, $7.55
Silas Peterson, five sheap, $5.50
Silas Peterson, six sheap, $5.58
David Scott, sow and piggs, $10.55
Fealdon Rice, two sows and piggs, $14.00
Joseph Royer, 21 head of hoggs, $60.00
Joseph Piles, feald of rye and wheat, $8.00
William Marin, feald of wheat, $16.00
Lewis McCall, geese, $0.625
Lewis McCall, chickens, $0.25
Signed by Joseph Hall, Adm, and attested to by Abijah Perkins, clerk of said sale

Settlement of Estate by Joseph Hall, Adm, filed 11 Jul 1855

Per Sale Bill, $593.41
Int on sale notes, $12.00
TOTAL, $604.39

Pd G. M. Huggins note dated 22 Jan 1852 plus interest (assigned to Alex Campbell 2 Apr 1852), $12.75
Pd Wm Philips on Hart & Co. account, $3.98
Pd Wm Morin on merchant's account, $12.21
Pd John Binford for rent of farm for 1851 and 1852, $56.20
Pd Henry P. Marquam for medical services for deceased and family, $57.50
Pd Jeremiah Keeney for publishing notice, $3.00
Pd D. Nance for county taxes for 1852, $3.45
Pd Abijah Perkins for serving as clerk of sale, $1.15
Pd note due Saml Peterson, Adm of Estate of Elijah Doss, $13.28
Pd Henry Keeney for medical services during last illness, $7.00
Pd John Booher on account, $4.45
Pd Dr. E. Neuhard for medical services during last illness (last visit was 29 Apr 1852), $14.50
Pd John Tribbett for crying sale of personal property, $1.50
Pd into court for Anson B. Webster account, $5.55
Pd Snook & Morgan note dated 23 Feb 1849 plus interest, $8.97
Pd James S. Carson for making coffin on 1 May 1852, $6.00
Pd Hart & Co. on account, $3.69
Pd Hart & Co. on note and interest, $1.00
Pd Andrew P. Lynn for court costs, $17.00
Pd Joel Dougherty for appraisal, $1.00
Pd Joseph Hall, Adm, for services rendered estate, $30.00
Pd Thomson & Ristine for legal services rendered estate, $7.50
Pd County Treasurer for taxes, $2.02

BALANCE in Administrator's hands available for distribution, $330.69
[The children other than Oliver were still minors, and so presumably their shares were distributed to a Guardian. However, no guardianship records have been found.]


Henry married Mary. (Mary was born about 1810 in Tennessee 2 and died in 1852 in Montgomery County, Indiana 4.)



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