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As indicated on the Join the Project Page, mtDNA testing usually has nothing to contribute to a surname DNA project.  The one exception is when you have the opportunity to test a direct line female descendant from the matriarch of a line.  Thanks to Irene Brown, a descendant of Elizabeth Lephew Scott, the only proven daughter of Stephen and Elizabeth Lefew/Lephew of Rockingham County, North Carolina, a direct line female descendant has been located.  She is Sarah Anne Byrne Williams.  Many thanks to Sarah for joining our Project.

Sarah’s maternal line of descent is as follows:

1.    Elizabeth, married Stephen Lefew/Lefew

2.    Elizabeth Lephew, b abt 1780 Guilford Co NC, d abt 1845 Franklin Co VA, m William Scott

3.    Ann A. “Nancy” Scott, b 1814-1818 Rockingham Co NC, d 30 Dec 1903 Bledsoe Co TN, m Michael Reel

4.    America Anne Reel, b 1846 Franklin Co VA, d Bledsoe Co TN, m William Hixson

5.    Sarah Ann “Sallie” Hixson, b 22 Mar 1869 Bledsoe Co TN, d 30 Jul 1940, m Charles Wesley Lewis

6.    Alice Maude Lewis, b 29 Oct 1907 Chattanooga TN, d 3 Apr 1966, m Charles Raymond Byrne, Sr.

7.    Sarah Anne Byrne

It was expected that Sarah’s test results would provide genetic proof that all who descend from Stephen and Elizabeth Lefew/Lephew are part Native American, but that proved not to be the case.  Her maternal haplogroup is H, which is the most common European female haplogroup.  While there is always a slight possibility of an unknown adoption and thus a misattribution of maternity somewhere in Sarah’s line, only additional testing of other direct female descendants, preferably through another daughter of Elizabeth Leffew Scott, can determine if this was so or not.  Finally, there is also a possibility Elizabeth Leffew was part Native American and/or African American through her father or her maternal grandfather, but that cannot be determined through mtDNA testing.

It’s possible that the oral history of being part Cherokee may be attributable not to Elizabeth, but to the wives of the sons of Stephen and Elizabeth.  However, a direct female descendant of the first wife of son, Joseph Leffew, has been tested and her haplogroup is J, which is not a Native American haplogroup.  It would be very helpful if we could test more direct female descendants of the wives of other sons.

If you have further interest in the line of Elizabeth Lephew Scott, your Administrator recommends you contact Irene Brown at irenesbrown AT gmail.com.  Sarah can be reached at ansaw AT hotmail.com.

Project Administrator: Robert Strong
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