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New Families Added:

6 Apr 2003: Initial families added.
4 Sep 2004: Scrivner line, back to John Scrivner and Lydia Hutchinson of Bermondsey, Surrey County, England, has been fleshed out.  My own research, however, has thus far been limited to the records of Franklin County, Illinois (Moses Scrivner family), Stewart County, Tennessee (Moses Scrivner family) and Smith County, Tennessee (Moses, Benjamin and Thomas Scrivner families).
4 Sep 2004: Smith/DeKalb County, Tennessee Strong families (John, Samuel, Thomas, James and William) added.  Some Lincoln County, Tennessee research has been added for John Strong.
1 Dec 2004: Family of Gottlieb Jablonsky added.
11 Apr 2005:  Family of John King of Barren County, Kentucky added.
16 Aug 2007: Cox lineage back to Peter Larsson Cock (Cox), forefather of the New Sweden Colony, added.

Significant Revisions:

4 Sep 2004: McMinn County, Tennessee research added for Samuel Legg.
4 Sep 2004: John Strong, of Smith/DeKalb Counties and Lincoln County, Tennessee, has been identified as the probable father of Hiram Strong.
1 Dec 2004: Lincoln County, Tennessee research added for family of John Strong.
1 Dec 2004: Andrew Strong's family information added.
1 Dec 2004: Several changes to Scrivner families of Franklin County, Illinois, due to the discovery of probate records for John Scrivner.
16 Aug 2007: Added Mary Jane Strong's second husband, Jackson Courtright, and their children.
16 Aug 2007: Information for Francis Marian Strong corrected.
4 May 2011:  Added information on the family of Eli Strong and Elizabeth K. Barry, including a photo page.

22 May 2013: Unlinked the Bermondsey, Surrey, England, Scriveners from Benjamin Scrivner, my immigrant Scrivner ancestor, due to a reinterpretation of the records of St. Mary Magdalen in Bermondsey.