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Eli Strong was J. R. Strong's older brother, and Eli's wife, Elizabeth Barry Strong, was the older half sister of Polly Legg Strong, J. R.'s wife.  Thus, their descendants are cousins through the Strong side and also half cousins through the Barry/Legg side.  Elizabeth died in 1873 and Eli died in 1876, leaving four minor children living at the time of his death: John, Virginia, Sarah (aka Lillian), and Charles.  Some of following photos were provided by descendants of Virginia.


John Richard Strong was the oldest son of Eli and Elizabeth Strong.  He became a minister of the Methodist Episcopal South Church and is here pictured with a group of children in front of one of his churches.  He is believed to be the adult, seemingly dressed in full length clerical robes, standing behind the boy that is standing just to the left of the steps.  The boy is believed to be his son, Donnon, for there is an "X" marked at his feet.


Rev. Donnon E. Strong, son of Rev. J. R. Strong, was a celibate Anglo-Catholic churchman and the Dean of Christ Cathedral Church in Saline, Kansas from 1929 to 1933.


There is no known photo of Virginia Lee Strong Finley.  She seems to be the only child that has living descendants.   Her descendants are shown here in this 2010 photo taken in Colorado.


This photo of Eli and Elizabeth's youngest son, Charles, is taken from the 1897 Savitar, the University of Missouri yearbook.


This is a ca. 1920 photo of Virginia's only daughter, Ethel Finley Sanford, pictured with her only daughter, Virginia.

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