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Major James W. Legg
James W. Legg was the oldest son of Samuel and Elizabeth Legg and thus a half-brother of Polly Roberson Strong nee Legg.
James served as an officer in the Home Guards, the 42nd Regiment Enrolled Missouri Militia and the 25th Missouri Militia during the Civil War.  These State units were aligned with the Union, although their primary objective was to preserve local order.  It is interesting that all the sons of Samuel Legg served on behalf of the Union, while the sons of Hiram Strong fought for the Confederacy, especially since Samuel Legg was a slave owner and Hiram was not.
Thanks to Dennis Moore,, a descendant of James, for sharing this photograph.




Allen and Sarah Bowlin
Sarah Bowlin was a daughter of Hiram and Rebecca Strong and thus a younger sister of James R. Strong.  This picture was probably taken in the early 1900s.
Thanks to Janis Ragar,, whose husband is a descendant of Allen and Sarah, for sharing this photograph.

William Strong, Steamboat Captain
William Strong was a son of Samuel Strong of Smith and DeKalb Counties, Tennessee, who in turn was one of the five Strong brothers who came to Smith County after the death of their father, James, in Rockingham County, North Carolina.  William was thus a first cousin of my Hiram Strong.
William was a steamboat captain on the Cumberland and Ohio Rivers.  This photograph was taken about 1880 in Nashville, after he had retired.
Thanks to Dale Craymer,, a descendant of William, for sharing this photograph.

Hulda Jablonsky (aka Pepping)
Hulda Jablonsky (aka Pepping) was one of three children of Gottlieb Jablonsky and Augusta Rosalie Pepping nee Baerwinkel.  Since Gottlieb was the uncle of Charles Jablonsky, that means Hulda was his first cousin, although she was much closer in age to his daughter, Alice Jablonsky.  Since both Hulda and Alice married young men from Vernon County, Missouri, they may have had a closer relationship than is known.  This photo was taken about 1910.
Thanks to Arnold M. Lewis, Jr,, a grandson of Hulda, for sharing this photograph.