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Welcome to my web site, which is devoted to my maternal grandparents, John DeWitt and Tilitha Anderson Bowers, and their respective ancestors.

J. D. and Letha Bowers

In Memory of Mama, Mildred Bowers Carney, 1918-2000



My cousin, George G. Johnston, was responsible for passing the genealogy bug on to me. George was our family's chronicler for decades. I have simply built upon the solid foundation he created before there was an Internet. Without George, there would have been no history of our family.  Sadly, our family lost George on 24 Nov 2005.

While George was the keeper of our family history, our Aunt Ruby Bowers McAndrew was the keeper of our family memories. Many of her stories about life in Indian Territory and Territorial Arizona are shared herein.  She passed away on 31 Jan 2007, just a few months short of her 104th birthday.  See the separate page commemorating her 100th birthday in 2003.

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