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James Riley Strong and Mary "Polly" Roberson Legg had eight children.  Only five lived to become adults: Sarah Strong Tolle, Eli Strong, Ida Strong, Bertha Strong Young, Jim Strong and Harry Strong (my grandfather).  There are no known photos of Sarah or Eli, who both died young, and although both married, it is not known if they had children.  Of the remaining children, only Bertha and Harry married and only Harry had children of his own.
See Strong Mystery Photo No. 2 for a likely photograph of James.


Polly Legg Strong, Harry Strong, Bertha Strong Young, Jim Strong, Vernie Young (in shadows) and Ida Strong, 1908, Richards, Vernon Co., Missouri.


Ida R. Strong and Bertha Dell Strong, c.1896.


A close-up of Polly Legg Strong and son, Harry.


Ida R. Strong, c.1916, Marion, Illinois; home of Harry Strong.


Wedding photo of Bertha Dell Strong and James Laverne Young, 12 Aug 1903.


Harry Earl Strong, c.1906.


James T. Strong, c.1906.