On this page will be listed all submitted family lines by earliest known ancestor, along with contact information for the submitter or Line Leader.  Eventually it is hoped that all families will be listed on this page and that at least one descendant from each line will participate in the DNA project.  Note, however, that participation in the DNA project is not required for a listing on this page.  Family lines which do have a participant in the DNA project are indicated by a B-# (or BX-# in the case of non-FTDNA results) inserted after the ancestor through whom they descend. 

If you wish your earliest known ancestor to be listed on this page, please post your pedigree information at Bowers Family Pedigrees.  If you prefer, you may e-mail this information directly to the Administrator.

Please read and follow the instructions at the beginning of the linked page.  Especially note that this is not the place for a lot of detail or a lot of generations.  If you wish to post additional generations or detail, you may do so, but an abridged pedigree will be posted to the Patriarchs Page and a link will be provided to your posting for those interested in the additional information.  Also, a link to your genealogy website can be provided.  Such links show the Patriarch's name in olive.

If you dispute the accuracy of a listed family line, please try to resolve your differences with the Line Leader.  If differences still remain, your Administrator will determine, on a case by case basis, how these differences should be presented.

Listed below are the Patriarchs who have been submitted, organized first by the spelling variation of the surname (Bowers, then Bower, then Bauer, etc.) and then alphabetically by the first name of the Patriarch.




·         Abraham Bowers MD, b c1852, d c1946, Jamestown NY, m Ida Allen - Susan Bowers Kelsey [littledoll98 AT yahoo.com]

o    Samuel Thomas Bowers, m Jane Frew

o    Henry Allen Bowers, b c1886, m Cora Fenton

§  Thomas Allen Bowers, b 1907, d 1998, m Alice Connelly

§  Ruth Bowers, m Swanson

§  Jefferson Fenton Bowers


·         Adam Bauer, b c1724 Ger, d Randolph or Rowan Co NC - Patrick Kenney [pekenney AT gmail.com]

o    Barbara Bauer, b c1737 Ger, m Henry Baker

o    Jacob Adam Bowers, b 1749, d aft 26 Apr 1807 Rowan Co NC, m Catherine Myers

§  Elder John Bowers, b 17/19 Jan 1777, d 9 Jan 1836 Rowan Co NC, m Margaret Elizabeth Myers

§  Mary Bowers, b c1778 Rowan Co NC, m Charles Patterson

§  Sarah Bowers, b c1780 Rowan Co NC, m John W Rex

§  George Peter Bowers Sr, b 23 Feb 1782 Rowan Co NC, d 20 Aug 1844 Rowan Co NC, m1 Dorothy Myers, m2 Levina

§  Jacob Bowers II, b 23 Feb 1782 Rowan Co NC, d 18 Sep 1842 Rowan Co NC, m Catherine

§  Elizabeth Bowers, b c1783 Rowan Co NC, d Dec 1849 Rowan Co NC, m John Meyers

§  Catherine Bowers, b 20 Mar 1788 Rowan Co NC, d 25 Jul 1851 Putnam Co IN, m John C Clodfelter Sr

§  Barbara Bowers, b 26 Oct 1791 Rowan Co NC, d 10 Jul 1839 Davidson Co NC, m Daniel Sullivan

§  David Bowers, b 8 Mar 1793 Rowan Co NC, d 15 Oct 1869 Putnam Co IN, m Catherine Grimes

o    George Bowers, b c1753 Ger, PA or NC

o    Adam Bowers, b c1759 Ger, PA or NC


·         Christian Bauer/Bowers, b abt 1736 Ger, d 9 Sep 1816 Shenandoah Co VA, m Maria Elizabeth Schindeldecker - Mikhael Bauer [aravot AT netvision.net.il]

o    Catherine Bowers, b c1767, m Zerkel

o    Ludwig Bowers, b c1767, d c1814

o    Elizabeth Bowers, b 15 Jan 1768, d 20 Apr 1847 Shenandoah Co VA, m Rubfreit

o    Anna Maria Bowers, b c1769, d 27 Jul 1808 Rockingham Co VA, m Sauerwine

o    Christian Bowers, b c1769 Shenandoah Co VA, d 3 Feb 1830 Greene Co TN

o    Mary Barbara Bowers, b c1771, d c1864, m Fernsler

o    Johannes Bowers, b 29 Nov 1772 Shenandoah Co VA, d 22 Jul 1849 Greene Co TN

o    William Augustin Bowers, b 31 Mar 1774 Fredericks Co MD, d 1850, m Barbara Rachel Dunlap [Mikhael's line]

o    Margaret Rebecca Bowers, b c1774, m Zwecker

o    J Phillip Bowers, b 6 Dec 1787 Shenandoah Co VA, d 3 Jun 1866 Jefferson Co PA



·         David Bowers, b 1817 Springhill Fayette Co PA, m Hannah - Nancy Bowers [bowenanc AT charter.net]

o    George Ira Bowers, b 1845 Springhill Fayette Co PA, m Nancy J Lancaster

§  Frank M Bowers, b 1876 Charleroi Westmoreland Co PA, m Mary Maud Mountser

§  John Wesley Bowers, b 1904 Gibsonton Fayette Co PA, m Nellie Katherine Schmitt

§  John Wesley Bowers, b 1929 Belle Vernon Fayette Co PA, m Sarah Ann Healy


·         Edward Bowers, b c1801 Suffolk Eng, m Martha Clarke - Neil Bowers [neilrbowers AT neilrbowers.plus.com]

o    Jane Bowers, b c1831 Eng

o    James Bowers, b c1832 Lewisham, Kent, Eng

o    Susan Bowers, b c1833 Eng

o    Elizabeth Bowers, b c1835 Eng

o    Edward Bowers, b 11 Sep 1837 Lewisham, Kent, Eng

o    Robert Bowers, b 28 Jan 1840 Lewisham, Kent, Eng, m Donna Maria Gardner

§  Eliza Bowers, b c1867 Eng

§  Edward Bowers, b c1869 Eng

§  Elizabeth Maria Bowers, b c1871 Eng

§  James Bowers, b 28 Nov 1872 Lewisham, Kent, Eng, m Louisa Tillett

§  Minnie Eugenie Bowers, b c1895 Eng

§  Lizzie Edith Bowers, b c1897 Eng

§  Clifford Bertie Bowers, b c1899 Eng

§  Beatrice Maud Bowers, b c1904 Kingston, Surrey,Eng

§  William Edward Bowers, b 18 Aug 1906 Esher, Surrey, Eng, m Nora Middleton - B-33

§  Rena Bowers, b c1914 Kingston, Surrey, Eng

§  Mary Bowers, b c1878 Eng

§  Clifford Bowers, b c1883 Eng

o    Emma Bowers, b c1843 Eng

o    Eliza Bowers, b c1848 Eng



·         Francis Marion Bowers - Ruth Ann Bowers [skyynkeywest AT yahoo.com]

o    Julian Frank Bowers, m Mary Brown

§  James Franklin Bowers, b 1921 prob Mecklenburg Co VA, m Carol Curry


·         Frank Bowers, b c1850, AR - Bob Bowers [robertsbowers AT cox.net]

o    Frank Bowers, b c1870, AR, d c1920, m Mary Katherine Richmond

§  Floyd Bowers, b 1892, Rhodes IA, d c1970, m Jennie Ethel Mohr

§  Floyd Robert Bowers, b 1924 Marshalltown IA, d 1999, m Jeanne Eileen York Hampton - B-27



·         Frederick Bowers, b Ger/Switz, d MD, m Elizabeth Gruber - Karen Bowers [7milesup AT gmail.com]

o    Martin H Bowers, b Nov 1830 Baltimore MD, d Baltimore MD, m Margaret Gruber

§  Martin H Bowers, b Sep 1868 MD, m Catherine Mundy

§  Robert E Bowers, b 14 Jul 1903 Baltimore MD, d 1984 Baltimore MD, m Frances E MacNeal

§  William C. Bowers -  BX-1



·         George Bowers , b 1590 England, d 1656, m Barbara Smythe - Larry Lincoln [llincoln27 AT verizon.net]

o    Benanuel Bowers, b 1627 England, d 1698, m Elizabeth Dunster

§  Jonathan Bowers, b 1673, d 1750, m1 Ann Sylvester, m2 Elizabeth Bourn or Hannah ?

§  Benanuel Bowers, b 1699, m Rebeckah Carpenter

§  Caleb Bowers, m Elizabeth Palmer

§  Hannah Bowers, b 1755, d 1805, m David Bowers (son of David below)

§  David Bowers, b 1717, m Margaret Tabor

§   David Bowers, b 1755, d 1805, m Hannah Bowers (daughter of Caleb above)

§  George Bowers, b 1779, d 1823, m Eliza Smith

§  Jonathan Bowers, b 1810, d 1883, m Sarah M Brown

§  Helena J Bowers, b 1854, d 1933, m Leonard C Lincoln


·         George Bowers (probably), b c1740, d c1782 Washington Co MD, m Christina - Marvin Bowers [mhbowers AT comcast.net]

o    John Leonard Bowers, b 1760, d 5 Oct 1840 Carter Co TN, m Rebecca Nave

§  William Bowers, b 22 May 1787 Carter Co TN, d 1850 Jackson Co MO, m1 Suzannah Buck, m2 Katherine Linville

§  Valentine Bowers, b 23 Sep 1788 Carter Co TN, d 12 Apr 1867, m Abigail G Buck - B-11 

§  Henry Bowers, b 23 Aug 1790 Carter Co TN, d MO, m Tabitha Peters

§  John Teter Bowers, b 27 Jan 1792 Carter Co TN, m1 Mary Lincoln Stover, m2 Mary Crawley Pearce - B-42

§  Elizabeth Bowers, b 6 Mar 1795 Carter Co TN, d bef 1835, m Henry Hardin

§  David Bowers, b 1 Dec 1799 Carter Co TN, m Elizabeth Head

§  John Leonard Bowers Jr, b 30 Oct 1801 Carter Co TN, d 1865, m Mary Nave

§  Rebecca Bowers, b 22 Sep 1803 Carter Co TN, m Thomas Merrit

§  Mary Bowers, b 13 Oct 1806 Carter Co TN, d Sangamon Co IL, m Isaac Dunlap

§  Nancy Ann Bowers, b 10 Oct 1808 Carter Co TN, m John Hays

§  Jessey Bowers, b 30 Oct 1809 Carter Co TN

§  Margaret Bowers, b 14 Sep 1812 Carter Co TN, d Sangamon Co IL, m Henry Nave


·         Giles Bowers, b c1715 Isle of Wight, VA, d c1800 Franklin Co NC, m Sarah

o    Philemon Bowers, b. 1756 Granville Co NC, d 1796 Franklin Co NC

§  David Giles Bowers, b c1780 Granville Co NC, d 2 Feb 1856 Gibson Co TN, m1 Betty Nicholson Cook, m2 Mary Gooch - Larry Bowers [ltb_home AT alltel.net]

§  John Bowers, b Granville Co NC, m Martha Richards

§  Frances Bowers, b Granville Co NC, m1 Fuller Huckaby, m2 James Richards

§  James Bowers, b Granville Co NC, d Jul 1849 Gibson Co TN

§  Nancy Bowers, b Granville Co NC

§  William G Bowers, b 2 Apr 1791 Granville Co NC, d 12 Mar 1842 Weakley Co TN, m Nancy Haislip Williams - Sue Bowers [vsbowers AT seark.net] - B-1

§  Young P Bowers, b Granville Co NC, m1 Jane (Jenny) Williams, m2 Mary Bledsoe, m3 Elizabeth Donaldson

o    Jesse Bowers

o    Giles Bowers Jr, d 1791 Granville Co NC

o    Benjamin Bowers

§  Green Bowers, b c1775 NC, d 1850-60 Daviess or Caldwell Co MO, m1 Sarah Cooper, m2 Miriam Nash - Howard Bowers [hibowers AT comcast.net] - B-12

o    Sarah Bowers, m Richard Beale

o    William Bowers, m Barbara Jeffries

§  Robert Bell Bowers

§  Mary Gray Jeffries Bowers

§  Jiles Hicks Bowers

§  David Osborn Bowers

o    Elizabeth (Betsy) Bowers, m Harwood Pope

o    Mary (Polly) Bowers, m John Goodloe

§  Leasy Goodloe, b NC, d Gibson Co TN, m Charles Trimble

§  Priscilla Goodloe, b NC, m Stephen S Hale

§  Elizabeth (Betsy) Goodloe, d 31 Dec 1866, m William Adams

§  Mary (Polly) Goodloe, m John Harris

§  Martha (Patsy) Goodloe, b TN, m Thomas Smith

§  John (Jack) Goodloe, b 1804-10, d 1851 Gibson Co TN, m Susan

§  Robert Harper Goodloe, b 1805 NC, d 6 Mar 1878 Ellis Co TX, m1 Margaret Patton Bell, m2 Nancy E Baldridge

o    Martha (Patsy) Bowers, m James Strother

§  William H Strother

§  Green Bower Strother, d 18 Jun 1874 Madison Co AL

§  Furnifold Pope Strother

§  George W Strother

§  James Kemp Strother

§  Edward H Strother

§  Charlotte Strother

§  Frances Strother

o    Frances (Franky) Bowers, b 17 Feb 1816 Williamson Co TN, m Young McLemore

§  Phillemon McLemore

§  Priscilla McLemore

§  Sally McLemore

§  Elizabeth McLemore

§  Atkins McLemore, b 1798 NC

§  Giles McLemore, b 1800 NC

§  Abram McLemore, b 1805 NC, d 20 Aug 1869 Carroll Co TN

o    James Bowers, d 25 Jan 1815 Norfolk VA, m Henrietta Duke

§  Sally Bowers, b 1798 NC

§  Martha (Patsy) Bowers, b 1800 NC

§  Mary (Polly) Bowers, b 1802 NC

§  Giles Bowers, b 1804 NC

§  Priscilla Bowers, b 1806

§  Nancy Bowers, b 1808

§  Ann C Bowers, b 1810


·         Henry Bowers (Sr), d 1788 Berkeley Co VA, m Catharine - Robert Strong [strong AT nantucket.net] 

o    George Bowers, d 1810 Berkeley Co VA, m Margaret

§  Christopher/Christian Bowers

§  Catharine Bowers

§  Jacob Bowers

§  Henry Bowers

§  George Bowers Jr

§  John Bowers

§  Mary Bowers

o    Andrew Bower (Sr), b 16 Feb 1753 York Co PA, d 3 Nov 1833 Montgomery Co IN, m Catherine - Robert Strong [strong AT nantucket.net]

§  George Bowers, b c1786 VA, d 1850-1860 Carroll Co VA, m Sarah Short

§  William Bower (probably)

§  Andrew Bowers (Jr), b 6 Nov 1791 VA, d 21 Nov 1849 Grainger Co TN, m1 Katherine Howeth, m2 Nancy (Madison) Hill - B-5

§  John Bowers, b c1790-1810 VA, d c1847 Grainger Co TN, m Chloe Arnwine

§  Henry Bowers, b c1801 VA, d 1852 Montgomery Co IN, m Mary

§  David Bowers, b c1805-1806 VA, d 17 Aug 1869 Shelby Co IN, m2 Anna Hedley/Headlee

§  Jacob Bower, b c1808-1809 VA, d 24 Dec 1883 Marion Co MO, m2 Jane (Hardin) Henton

o    Joseph Bower, m Mary Anne

o    Susannah Bowers, m John Shober

o    Jacob Bowers  

o    Henry Bowers Jr, b 22 Dec 1765 PA, d 25 Aug 1837 Berkeley Co VA, m Elizabeth Young - Susan [Spydr1031 AT aol.com]

§  William Young Bowers, b 22 Sep 1788 Berkeley Co VA, d 22 Sep 1857 Berkeley Co VA, m Catherine Grove

§  Catherine Bowers, b 29 Jul 1790 Berkeley Co VA, d 5 Dec 1862 Berkeley Co VA, m John Seibert

§  Anna Maria Bowers, b Jan 1792, m Shepherd B Grove

§  Henry Bowers, b Aug 1793 Berkeley Co VA, d 1863 Berkeley Co VA, m Anne Gill - B-17

§  Rachel Susan Bowers, b May 1795, d 24 Dec 1861 Berkeley Co VA, m Martin Luther Pitzer

§  Philip Bowers, b 2 May 1797 Berkeley Co VA, d 14 Jun 1869 Champaign Co OH, m1 Mary A Davis, m2 Nancy Philips

§  Elizabeth Bowers, b May 1799 Berkely Co VA, m William W Walker

§  George Bowers, b Mar 1801 VA, m Mary Miller

§  Adam Bowers, b 22 Sep 1803 Berkeley Co VA, d 26 Aug 1876 Berkeley Co WV, m Catherine S Swingle

§  Andrew Bowers, Nov 1805 Berkeley Co VA 

§  John Bowers, b 1807 Berkeley Co VA, m Elizabeth Allenbaugh

§  David Bowers, b Mar 1810 Berkeley Co VA, d 26 Sep 1829

§  Joseph Bowers, b 27 Jul 1812, d Aug 1812

o    John Bowers

o    Boston Bowers


·         Henry Bowers, b c1814 Southhampton Co VA, m3 Georgeanna (possibly as many a 25 children by 3 wives) - Kevin Flood [kpflood AT clanflood.org]

o    William Bowers, b 1855

o    Jesse Bowers, b 1857

o    Joseph Bowers, b 1860

o    Alsburg/Asbury Bowers, b 1862

o    Giles Bowers, b 1867

o    Delila Lilie Bowers, b 1869

o    John Bowers, b 1873, d 1927 Southhampton Co VA, m Marion Day - B-24

o    Thomas Bowers, b 1874

o    Annie Bowers, b 1875

o    Maggie Bowers, b 1878

o    Isabella V Bowers, b 1879


·         Henry Robert Bowers, b 6 Mar 1880 Sharp Co AR, d 18 Dec 1918, m Florence Lawson - Elinor Stubbs [WhiteWing83_01 AT yahoo.com]

o    Margie Lizbeth Bowers, b 9 Nov 1909, d 1984, m Walter Kelly Smith

§  Patricia Irene Smith, m John Henry Miller

§  Mary Lee Miller, m Edwin Stubbs

§  Elinor Patricia Stubbs



·         Jacob Bauer/Bowers, b c1785 PA, d 1862, m Elizabeth Ressler 1823 Northumberland Co PA  - Alan Bowers [angiealan AT netscape.com]

o    Daniel, b 1826, d 1871, m Mary

§  Jacob, b 1854, d 1942, m Mary

§  Samuel, b 1889, d 1967, m Flossie

§  Samuel, b 1924, d 1982, m Mary


·         Jacob Franklin Bower, b c1808 Montgomery Co OH, d 24 Feb 1881 Brown Co MN, m1 Katherine Crose, m2 Jullia Ann Beeson, m3 Catharine Winters – Pat Lindgren [minniepaux AT yahoo.com]

o    John W Bowers, b 16 May 1838 Madison Co IN, d 19 Jan 1899 Todd Co MN, m Nancy Adeline Reynolds

§  Charles Herbert Bower, b 11 Sep 1881 Todd Co MN, d 2 Jun 1961 Itasca Co MN, m Anna Constance Egeland

§  Clayton Eugene Bowers, b 24 Mar 1909 Hubbard Co MN, d 11 May 1971 Jackson Co MO, m1 Zeta Sanford, m2 Della Deloris Murphy, m3 Mary Ann Salisbury - B-46b


·         James Bowers, b c1747 VA, d 1789 Greene Co TN, m Kissa - Dennis Bowers [bowers AT ecarthage.com]

o    Auben Bowers, b c1767 VA

o    Elizabeth Bowers, b bef 1774

o    John W. Bowers, b bef 1774 VA

o    Richard Bowers, b bef 1774

o    William Bowers, b c1773 VA, d 1855 Roane Co TN, m Catherine Weems

§  James Bowers, b c1790, d c1845 Roane Co TN, m Feraby Kinman

§  James Bowers, b c1815

§  Samuel Bowers, b 1820 TN, d 1890 McDonald Co MO - B-13

§  Elizabeth Bowers, b c1820, d 1889 SanSaba TX

§  William Bowers, b c1825

§  Minerva Bowers, b c1828

§  John Bowers, b c1830

§  Thomas Wesley Bowers, b c1835

§  Mary Bowers, b aft 1840

§  John Bowers, b c1805

§  William Bowers, b 1805 Greene Co TN, d 1862, m Hannah P.

§  Carroll Bowers, b c1838

§  Veronica Bowers, b c1841

§  Elizabeth Bowers, m Claborn Kinman

o    Mary Bowers, b c1779


·         James C. Bowers, b 14 Jun 1811 TN, d 12 Jul 1875 prob Hamblen Co TN, m Rachel Eliza Moody - William Hurst [wrhurst_17 AT msn.com]

o    William Alexander Bowers, b 12 Aug 1839 TN, d 12 Aug 1905 prob Hamblen Co TN, m Margaret Emily Thornhill

o    Amelia Jane Bowers, b 20 Aug 1845 TN, d 25 Jul 1854

o    George J Bowers, b 1847 TN, m Mary Edgar

o    James G Bowers, b 1848 TN, m Mary Moore

o    Charlotte E Bowers, b 29 May 1848 Jefferson Co TN, d 25 Mar 1924 Harper Co KS, m Daniel Paten Gass

o    Rachel C Bowers, b 1850 TN 

o    Samuel Henry Dick Bowers, b 26 Jul 1852 TN, d 19 Jul 1854


·         Jiles Bowers, b c1804 NC, m Mary "Rebecca" Giles - Rodney Bowers [rodney-bowers AT hotmail.com]

o    Mary Ann Bowers

o    John Bowers, b 5 May 1830 SC, m Ellen Sasser

§  William P Bowers, b 1 May 1857

§  John Wesley Bowers, b 1858 Marion Co GA

§  George Luke Bowers, b 4 Apr 1859 Sumpter Co GA

§  Ida I Bowers, b 1863 GA

§  Julia Bowers, b 1866 GA

§  Lela F Bowers, b 1867 GA

§  Sarah Frances Bowers, b 1 Jun 1870 GA

§  Benjamin Franklin Bowers, b 1871 GA

§  Robert Foster Bowers, b 26 Dec 1873 AR - B-29

o    James Alexander Bowers, b 8 Oct 1831 GA

o    George W Bowers, b 15 Mar 1834 GA

o    Sarah Jane Bowers, b 1836 GA

o    Martha Bowers, b 1838 GA


·         John Bowers, b c1742, d 1803 Davidson Co TN, m2 Elizabeth Ann Hamblen - Donna Hinson [dhinson AT suddenlink.net]

o    Jeremiah Bowers, b 1768 VA, d 1851-1860 prob KY, m Margaret Eason

§  Bartlett Deans Bowers, b 1810 Sumner Co TN, m Mary Mahaffey

§  Male Child, b c1825 TN

§  Male Child, b c1830 TN

§  Mildred N Bowers, b 1833 TN

§  Jeremiah M Bowers, b 1835 Wilson Co TN, m Mary J. Peeples/Peoples

§  Joseph Carroll Bowers, b Sept 1860 Carroll Co MS, m Mary Frances Eiland - B-34

§  Bartley D Bowers, b 1864 Carroll Co MS, m Frances P Brazzel

§  Elizabeth Bowers, b 1865 Carroll Co MS, m William Thomas Costilow

§  Mandy Leutishy Bowers, b 1868 Carroll Co MS, m Jerry Mar Clark

§  Melton Bowers, b 1873 Grenada Co MS, m Leona Beckwith

§  Catherine Bowers, b 1874 Grenada Co MS, m Louis P Peeples Jr

§  Thomas Bowers, b 1877 Grenada Co MS

§  John M Bowers, b 1880 Grenada Co MS, m Sally Maggie Gray

§  Harriet Bowers, b 1884 Grenada Co MS

§  Robert Bowers, b 1837 TN

§  Matilda Ann Bowers, b 1839 MS, m1 Willliam B Gregory, m2 Patterson

§  Elizabeth Bowers, b 1842 Yalobusha Co MS

§  John L Bowers, b 1814 TN, m Jane Whaley

§  Male Child, b c1815-1820

§  Nancy Bowers, b 1818 TN, m Isaiah Trout

§  Female Child, b c1820-1825

§  James J Bowers, b 1824 Wilson Co TN, m Jane Elizabeth Carpenter

§  Thomas F Bowers, b 1829 Sumner/Wilson Co TN, m Bartah (Barbara?) Ann Thornsberry

o    George Bowers, b 1801 Davidson Co TN, d 1882 Giles Co TN, m Nancy Brooks

§  Elizabeth Ann Bowers, b 1821

§  Sarah Miller Bowers, b 1823 Giles Co TN

§  Eleanor Phillips Bowers, b 1825 Giles Co TN

§  Edward Dillon Bowers, b 1827 Giles Co TN

§  James Austin Bowers, b 1831 Giles Co TN

§  Indiana Tennessee Bowers, b 1834 Giles Co TN


·         John Bowers, b c1760 VA, d SC - Robert Bowers [rtbowers AT bellsouth.net]

o    Richard Bowers

o    Edward Bowers

o    Anderson Andrew Bowers

o    Robert B Bowers


·         John Bowers, b 1765, d 1836 Wyoming Co NY, m Clarinda Knickerbocker - Kate Kuzmich [kwelkuz AT earthlink.net]

o    John Bowers, b1795 NY, d 1867 IA, m Clarissa Wallis/Wallace

§  John Milton Bowers, b 1822 NY, d 1919 IA, m Jane Elizabeth Loomis

§  Adelbert Andrew Bowers, b 1847 NY, d 1876 IA, m Rena Evelyn Thayer - B-4

§  William Wallace Bowers, b 1852 IL, d 1942 IA, m Rena Evelyn Thayer


·         John Bowers, b 1800 Surrey, England - Duncan Bowers [bowers AT freesurf.ch]

o    William Walker Bowers, b 1822 Haselmere, Surrey, England

§  Robert Bowers, b 1848 Fetcham, Surrey, England

§  Elijah Bowers, b 1883 Purfit, Surrey, England, d 1967

§  Frederick William Henry Bowers, b 1918 Halstead, Kent, England, d1991

§  William Anthony Bowers, b 1941 Chelsfield, Kent, England

§  Duncan Bowers, b 1970 Maidenhead, Berkshire, England - B-37


·         John Bowers, m Maria Anna Hallacher - Harold Robinson [robbie4244 AT hotmail.com]

o    Johann Jacob Bowers, m Christinia Billmeyer

§  Charles Wesley Bowers, b 1852 MI, d 1914 ND

§  John Calvin Bowers, b 1854 MI, d 1879

§  George Edward Bowers, b 1856 MI, d c1930

§  Joseph Henry Bowers, b 1859 IA, d 1916 ND, m Tina Wilkinson

§  Cyrus Arden Bowers, b 1864 IA, d 1944 ND, m Ida McGill

§  Frederick Arthur Bowers, b 1867 IA, d 1932, m Elizabeth Lithgow

§  Ina May Bowers, b 1870 IA

§  Gertrude Bowers, b 1878 IA

§  Edward Bowers, b 1881 IA, d 1881


·         Lemuel Bowers (Capt in Amer Rev), d 1785 Morris Co NJ - [aulicino AT hevanet.com]

o    Lemuel Bowers, b c1761, d 1830 Crown Point NY

§  John Bowers

§  Lewis Bowers

§  William Bowers

§  Hannah Bowers, b c1792

§  Lemuel M Bowers, b 1798, d 1873 Fond DuLac Co WI

§  Daniel Bowers, b 1824 VT, d 1905 Addison Co VT

§  Henry Bowers, b c1832 NY

§  Polly Bowers, b c1836 NY

§  Elizabeth Bowers, b c1840 NY

§  Lemuel Bowers, b c1849

§  Daniel D Bowers, b c1800, d c1871, m Betsey Pickett

§  Leamon Bowers, b c1833, d 1896 Barton Co MO

§  William Bowers, b c1862 PA

§  Blanch Bowers, b c1864 PA

§  Julia Bowers, b c1872 MO

§  Gertrude Bowers, b c1875 MO

§  Laura Jane Bowers, b 1834, d 1884 Dent Co MO

§  Daniel H Bowers, b 1840 Warren Co PA, d 1887 Greenwood Co KS

§  Oscar F Bowers, b 1842, d 1864 on Boydton Plank Road, VA

§  Sarah Bowers, b c1844

§  Arthur E Bowers, b 1848, d 1863 Warren Co PA


·         Leonard Bowers, b c1801 VA, m Martha Dickerson? - Georgeanna Coleman [gcoleman AT linkline.com]

o    John Bowers, b c1831 VA

o    George Bowers, b c1832 VA

o    William Bowers, b c1835 VA

o    C Edward Bowers, b c1836 VA

o    Sarah C "Sallie" Bowers, b 7 Jun 1839 VA

o    Samuel Bowers, b c1842 VA

o    Martha Jane Bowers, b May 1843 Washington Co VA

o    Joseph Bowers, b c1845 VA

o    Margaret Bowers, b c1848 VA

o    David Campbell Bowers, b c1850 Washington Co VA

o    Rachel Bowers, b c1853 Washington Co VA


·         Levi Bowers, b 1815 NC - [bobkat1 AT aol.com]

o    George Washington Bowers, b 1844 NC

§  Levi Bowers, b 1883 TN

§  Cornelius B Bowers, b 15 Jul 1902 TN - B-6


·         Lyman Bowers, b 13 Jul 1802 Cortland Co NY, d 28 Feb 1882 Schuyler Co MO, m Mahala Burress - Donald Cooley [cool.hg.r1a AT gmail.com]

o    William B Bowers, b 13 Jul 1842 Martin Co IN, d 9 Apr 1907 Adair Co MO, m Georgia Ann Crowder

§  John Rubin Bowers, b 10 Oct 1876 Schuyler Co MO, d 9 Nov 1956 Kirksville Adair Co MO, m Evalina Hanlin

§  Ora Edward Bowers, b 15 Apr 1905 Kirksville Adair Co MO, d 2 Dec 1985 Kirksville Adair Co MO - B-18


·         Philip Bowers, b 1789 MA, m Abigail - Diane Wallace [dwallace05 AT earthlink.net]

o    Betsy P Bowers, b c1820 MA or RI, m A (Azel/Azil/Azael) D Cole


·         Samuel Bowers, b c1792 PA, lived in Perry and Juniata Cos PA, m Susanna Snyder - [waltmary AT mac.com]

o    John W Bowers, b 1820

o    George Bowers, b 1825 Perry Co PA, m Mary Ridenhour

§  William Henry Bowers, b 1851, m Anna Matilda Shoemaker

§  Abraham Bowers, b 1853, m Katherine Shaffer

§  John Bower(s), b 1854, m Elizabeth Gotshall

§  Amos McGinley Bowers, b 1857, m Hannah Jane Sheriff

§  Jacob Bowers, b 1861, m Mary E Hollenbaugh


·         Samuel Bowers, b 1820 Rowan Co NC, d 1849 Buchanan Co MO, m Sarah Jones - Lee Bowers [Bowersmp At aol.com]

o    Lorenzo William Bowers, b 4 Jun 1843 Davidson Co NC, d 18 Sep 1897 Bath Co VA, m Elizabeth Catherine Smith

§  Lothian Alroy Bowers, b 14 Apr 1879 Greenbrier Co WV, d 11 Jan 1960 Bath Co VA, m Sallie Cleek

§  Millard P Bowers, b 16 Jul 1907, d 12 Apr 1979 Arlington Co VA, m Grace Gayle - B-41 


·         Thomas Bowers, b c1793 VA, d 1870, m Mary - Tina Hale [thale56 AT charter.net]

o    William Bowers, b c1829

o    James C Bowers, b c1832 NC, d 1888, m Nancy C Sexton

§  John Thomas Bowers, b 1870

§  Henry Franklin Bowers, b 7 Feb 1872 Clay Co NC, d 1952, m1 Morry Hester, m2 Laura Locklear - B-36

§  Fanny Adeline Bowers, b 16 Apr 1875 Clay Co NC, d 1963, m William Lafayette Bowers

§  Mary Margaret "Molly" Bowers, b 26 Jul 1875 Clay Co NC, d 1951, m Mack C Crow

§  Lucinda "Lula May" Bowers, b 16 Jul 1877 NC, d 1945, m1 Lafayette Ransome Finley, m2 Thomas Lee Ray

§  Jeanette "Jennie" Bowers, b 10 Dec 1885 NC, d 1939, m1 Sam Carraway, m2 Mark Hannah Davis

§  Annie Bowers, b 29 May 1889 AL, d 1958, m Dave Chester

o    Anthony C Bowers, b c1837, d 1917, m Mary

§  Sallie Bowers, b Apr 1878

§  Dave Bowers, b May 1879

§  Frances Bowers, b Nov 1880

§  Henry Bowers, b May 1882

o    Thomas Jefferson Bowers, b 6 May 1838, m Jeanie Smith

§  William Lafayette Bowers, b 13 Jan 1870 Clay Co NC, d 1940, m Fannie Adeline Bowers

o    Doctor M Bowers, b c1846

o    Mary A "Pollie" Bowers, b Apr 1845

o    Henry F Bowers, b Nov 1849

o    Jasper C Bowers, b Dec 1851


·         Thomas Bowers, b c1840 IN, m Catherine P. Rayes - [icenagel01 AT yahoo.com]

o    William Robert Bowers, b 29 Mar 1866, d 1 Jan 1955, m Effie Janet (Phelps) Wagner

§  Ralph Willis Wagner, b 1 Jan 1881

§  Ethel May Bowers, b 9 Sep 1890

§  Myrtle Bowers, b 4 Oct 1893

§  Wesley Thomas Bowers, b 24 Oct 1900

§  Leo Arthur Bowers, b 24 May 1901

§  William Leroy Bowers, b 30 Mar 1904

o    Wesley Bowers

o    Walter Bowers

o    Andrew Bowers

o    Arthur Bowers

o    Lucinda Bowers ?

o    Grace Bowers ?


·         William Bowers, b c1810, d 1837, m Judy Thompson Lincoln Co GA - Patrick Bowers [phbowers AT covad.net]

o    Lewis Thomas Bowers, b 1836, d 12 Jul 1864, m Amanda Bennet Morgan Co GA

§  John Lewis Bowers, b 5 Feb 1863, d 30 Sep 1953 Atlanta GA, m Mary Ann Pair

§  Louis Olen Bowers, b 10 Jan 1888, d 9 Oct 1970, m Beulah Mercer Fulton Co GA

§  Thomas Cecil Bowers, b 4 Oct 1910, d 20 Jul 1938 Gaffney Cherokee Co SC, m Elena Ophelia Herring - B-22

§  Vincent Wayne Bowers, b 13 Jul 1908, d 9 Jul 1992 Rome GA, m Lois E Rivers - B-23


·         William Bowers, b c1823 Rackenford Devon, m Mary Chimes - Glen Fagan [glenfagan AT yahoo.com]

o    Walter Bowers, b 1848 Runcorn, m Margaret Pope

§  Thomas Bowers, b 12 Oct 1876 Runcorn, m Susannah Williams


·         William ("Will") S. Bowers, b 1860, d 24 Mar 1890 Center Ridge AR - Rita Walker [ribewalker AT sbcglobal.net]

o    Edgar Marvin Bowers, Sr., b 25 Sep 1885 Knoxville AR, d 29 Nov 1969 Teague TX - B-25


·         Zachariah Bowers, b 1802-04 NY, m Adeline Hubbard - Lucie Bowers [LUJAMAKS AT aol.com]

o    Russell Bowers, b 1825 NY, m Rebecca Chase

§  James Bowers, b 1856 WI

§  Frederic Bowers, b 1860 WI

§  Adaline Bowers, b 1862 WI, m ? Woodruf

§  George Bowers, b 1866 WI

§  Jennie Bowers, b 1869 WI

§  Loretta Bowers, b 1871 WI, m James Donahue

§  Charles Bowers, b 1875 WI, m Loffitt Breze

§  Elsena Bowers, b 1878 WI

o    Cornelia Bowers, b 1827 NY, m William B Reynolds

o    Caroline Bowers, b 1829 NY, m James Steele

o    Luman B Bowers, b 1832 NY, m Mary Ann Chase

§  Edgar Newton Bowers, b 1854 WI, m Mary C Brown

§  Frank Reginald Bowers, b 1857 WI, d 1857

§  Francis Bowers, b 1858 WI, m Josephine Bitney

§  Fred L Bowers, b 1883 WI, m Mae Eunice Horton

§  Etta M Bowers, b 1887 WI, m Dillon W Flynn

§  Albert Francis Bowers, b 1888 WI, m Bessie Mae Colbert

§  Nellie L Bowers, b 1891 WI, m Jessee Phetteplace

§  Oscar E Bowers, b 1893 WI

o    William Reynolds Bowers, b 1857 WI, d 1869

o    Sarah Adeline Bowers, b 1863 WI, m Alfred Henery Lebell

o    Albert Shipman Bowers, b 1866 WI, m Lillie Belle Compeau

o    Oscar Willis Bowers, b 1869 WI, m Mary Temperance Calkins

o    Rosa Belle Bowers, b 1872 WI, d 1880

o    Joseph Benjamin Bowers, b 1866 WI

o    Minnie Caroline Bowers, b 1879 WI, d 1879





·         Adam C Bowerb Jagsthaussen, Wurttemburg, Germany - Ken Bower [beemerr90s AT juno.com]

o    Johann Adam Bower, b Germany, settled in Berks Co PA

§  George Michael Bower, b 1737 Germany (immigrated with his father) 


·         Christian Bower, b abt 7 Jun 1774 Lancaster Co PA, d 8 Jan 1855 Mercer Co PA, m Susannah Funk - David F. Bower [bowerd AT ohio.edu]

o    Samuel Bower, b c1804 Union Co PA

o    Isaac Bower, b 4 Sep 1806 Union Co PA, d 1886 Mercer Co PA, m Lydia Wise

§  Elizabeth Bower, b 12 Dec 1834, m Joseph Kauffman

§  Daniel Bower, b 30 Sep 1836, m Catherine

§  Samuel Bower, b 1 Jan 1839, m Mary Ann Reichard

§  William Bower

§  Ella Bower (Godfrey)

§  Lulu Bower

§  Malinda Bower (Baer)

§  Myrtle Bower (Patterson)

§  Ralph Bower, b 1888, d 1976, m Malinda Mowry

§  Calvin Bower (died young)

§  Mary Bower, b 30 Sep 1841, m Jacob Moyer

§  Catherine Bower, b 4 Apr 1844, m Simon Reigelman

§  John Bower, b 6 Sep 1846, m Susan Hatcher

§  Sarah Bower, b 8 Oct 1853, m William Derr

o    Abraham/Abrahm Bower, b 19 Oct 1809 Union Co. PA, lived in Orangeville IL

o    John Bower, lived in Orangeville IL

o    Benjamin Bower

o    Susan Bower, b c1816


·         Henry Bower, b 1810 PA, d 1877 Lycoming Co PA, m Susannah - Harold Bower [harold.bower AT usa.net]

o    Henry T Bower, b 1848 Lycoming Co PA, m Elizabeth Dangle

§  Edgar R Bower, b 1889 Lycoming Co PA, m Flossie Loudenslager

§  Robert G Bower, b 1918 Lycoming Co PA - B-19



·         Henry H Bower, b 1863, d 1904 OH, m Clara Melinda Raley - Beverly Davis [suzybev AT juno.com]

o     Milton Raley Bower, b1889 OH, d 1967 OH, m Florence Rachel Smith

§   Wayne Bower

§  Donald Bower

§   Virginia Louise Bower 

o    Robert Henry Bower, b1898 OH, m Venus Sanor


·         Jacob Bower, b PA, m Mary ? - D Fletcher [thefletchers AT bellsouth.net]

o    George Washington Bower, b  1823 Licking Co OH, m Margaret Alabaugh

§  Charles A Bower, b 1855 Whitley Co IN, d 1891 Whitley Co IN, m Sarah Zumbrun

§  Clarence Elsworth Bower, b 1888 Whitley Co IN, d 1976 Orlando FL, m Iva Elizabeth Brown

o    William Bower

o    Jacob Bower

o    David Bower

o    Samantha Bower

o    Annie Bower

o    Alice Bower

o    Elmer Bower

o    Samuel Bower




·         Joseph Bower, b 1740 Derbyshire Eng, d 29 Dec 1818 Castle Hill Waverton Cheshire Eng, m2 Anne Stringfellow? - [jwilliams AT notrasoft.com]

o    Rev Joseph Bower, b 2 Feb 1771, d 21 Nov 1844 Waverton Eng, m Elizabeth Chambers

§  Joseph Bower, b 1810, d Mar 1819

§  Benjamin Bower, b 1811, d 1811 Waverton Eng

§  Harriet Bower, b 14 Aug 1813, d Jul 1831 Waverton Eng

§  Elizabeth Bower, b 1815, d 1815 Waverton Eng

§  Mary Bower, b 23 Nov 1816, m William Porter

§  Anne Bower, b 1818, m John Clarke

§  John Bower, b 28 Jun 1819, d 5 May 1905 Kingston ON Can, m Charlotte

§  Elizabeth Bower, b 1821, d aft 1841

§  Jane Mary Bower, b c1820 Waverton Eng, d 16 Sep 1896 Kingston ON Can, m Horatio Yates

§  Edward Chambers Bower, b 4 Apr 1823 Waverton Eng, d 9 Apr 1896 Wentworth Hamilton ON Can, m Mary Hulbert Daintry

§  Deborah Bower, b 1825 Waverton Eng, d 2 Mar 1850 Christieton Cheshire Eng

§  Hester Bower, b 20 Jun 1827 Waverton Eng, d aft 1881, m John Yerbury/Terbury Moggridge

§  Frances Bower, b 7 Sep 1829 Waverton Eng, d Aug 1849 Waverton Eng

§  Agnes Bower, b 20 Aug 1831 Waverton Eng, m Pierre Mussabuie

o    Sarah, b c1775

o    William, b c1777, m Mary

o    Elizabeth, b c1778, d bef 1818 Capenhurst Chester Eng, m Robert Kinder

§  Letitia Kinder, b bef 1818

o    John Plant Bower (Lt. Col. Frontenac Militia), b c1779, d 25 Sep 1854 Kingston ON Can, m Mary Tolfield

§  Thomas Tolfield Bower

o    Dorothy Bower, b c1780, m Richard Richardson


·         Moses Baur of Berks Co PA, b 1723, d 1805, m Mary C Schiemer - Harold Bower [harold.bower AT usa.net]

o    Moses Bauer of Berks and Northumberland Cos PA, b 1755, d 1800, m1 Barbara Friederich, m2 Barbara Kloss

§  George Bower of Northumberland and Lycoming Cos PA, b 1787, d 1851, m Mary Miller

§  William M Bower of Lycoming Co PA, b 1819, d 1884, m Mary A Ball

§  George W Bower of Lycoming Co PA, b 1850, d 1906, m Catherine Sheets

§  William C Bower of Lycoming and Northumberland Cos PA, b 1882, d 1958, m Grace G Martz

§  David G Bower of Lycoming Co PA, b 1912, d 2001, m1 Herta Fahlfeder, m2 Margaret E Kuhns - B-9


·         Thomas E Bower, b c1808 Berks Co PA, d bef 1870, m Eliza Ann - Mary L Moore [emlou AT carsoncomm.com]

o    John Washington Bower, b c1830 Berks/Bucks Co PA, d 2 Aug 1889, m Ann Gorman March

§  Mary Elizabeth Bower, b 1869, Providence IN, d 21 Sep 1950, m Alex Leitch

§  William Washington Bower, b 17 Oct 1872, d 9 Apr 1951, m Mary Elizabeth Wilson

§  Robert N Bower, b 22 Jan 1875, d 9 Jan 1960, m Mabel Farmer

§  Annette Bower, b 22 Jan 1877, d 4 Feb 1971, m Gideon Ezias Behler

o    Benjamen Bower, b 11 Mar 1835

o    Henry Bower, b c1839

o    Mary C Bower, b c1843

o    Elizabeth Bower(s), b c1847(?)

o    Harriet Bower, b c1848





·         Andrew/Andre Bauer, m Anna Maria Calistile – Erynn Bauer [mmkid63 AT yahoo.com]

o     Martin J Bauer Sr, m Anna Lennon

§  John Andrew Bauer

§  Martin Joseph Bauer Jr, b 26 Apr 1916 Chicago IL

§  Clarence Bauer

§  Anna June Bauer

§  Edward James Bauer



·         Christian Bauer/Farmer, b 1741 Ger, d 1821 NC - Sharon Farmer [SharonLeeF AT aol.com]

o    Christian Bauer/Farmer, b 1764, died 1836 Guilford Co NC

§  Henry Farmer, b 28 Sep 1793 NC, d 7 Apr 1857 Morgan Co IN

§  David Farmer, b 25 Oct 1826 Guilford Co NC, d 8 Oct 1912 Putnam Co MO

§  Jesse Edgar Farmer, b 1 Nov 1861, Jefferson Co IA, d 24 Nov 1918 King Co WA

§  Carl Rosen Farmer, b 24 May 1888 Putnam Co MO, d 14 Apr 1972 Riverside Co CA - B-28


·         Dominikus Baur, b 1884 Bavaria Ger, d 1942 Bavaria Ger -  Timo Baur [baur AT mediastream.org]BX-1


·         George Bauer, b 1828 Bavaria Ger, m Kate? - Maria Schell [mamamia1 AT charter.net]

o    Henry Bauer, b 1865

o    John Bauer, b 1869

o    Fred G Bauer, b 1872 Hamilton Co OH, m Anna M Clauss

§  Joseph J Bauer, b 14 Jun 1907 Trumbull Co OH, d Aug 1972, m Mary Hine

§  David Stanley Bauer, b 19 May 1939, d 1989

§  Alvin F Bauer, b 1910, m Annie?

§  Edwin H Bauer, b 1913

o    Henry Bauer, b 1865

o    John Bauer, b 1869


·         Jacob Frederick Bauer, m Juliand Ruehl/Reel - Ron Robertson [clintb5 AT gmail.com]

o    Johann Frederick Bauer, b 27 Dec 1853, d 27 Jan 1927, m Ragina Baumgarten

§  Ludwig Edward Bauer, b 18 Apr 1886, d 3 Sep 1969 Humboldt KS, m Clara Anna Odilie Kircher

§  Rufus Floyd Bauer, b 11 Oct 1908 Strausburg IL, d 20 Jan 1991 Coffeyville KS, m Freda Regina Saving - B-20


·         Johann Bauer, b 24 Jan 1825, Bavaria, d 11 Aug 1898, Jefferson Co WI, m Anna Barbara Stroetz - Lawrence Bauer [iabauer AT earthlink.net]

o    Anna Regina Bauer (step-daughter), b 4 Dec 1845, WI, m Christian F Ladwig

o    Maria/Mary Bauer, b 25 Jan 1848, Jefferson Co WI, unmarried

o    Elizabeth Bauer, b 17 Sep 1850, Jefferson Co WI, m1 Joseph Hake, m2 Gottfried Howe

o    Johanna/Jane Bauer, b 10 Feb 1852, Jefferson Co WI, m George L Emmert

o    Jacob Bauer, b 1 Jan 1854, Jefferson Co WI, m Minerva Hake

§  Arthur H Bauer, b 14 Nov 1880, Cerro Gordo Co IA, m Gertrude E Mc Leod

§  Horace E Bauer, b 22 Jun 1884, Cerro Gordo Co IA, unmarried

§  Luella M Bauer, b 1 Jun 1886, Cerro Gordo Co IA, m Fulton F Potter

§  Willie W Bauer, b 24 May 1888, Cerro Gordo Co IA, died as infant

§  Esther E Bauer, b 14 Feb 1893, Cerro Gordo Co IA, m Price W Tevis

o    George Bauer, b 7 Jan 1856, Jefferson Co WI, m Mary E Mielitz

§  Lawrence E Bauer, b 30 Aug 1886, Cerro Gordo Co IA, m Elva M Barker - B-8

o    Kathrina/Kate Bauer, b 27 Jul 1857, Jefferson Co WI, m Charles A Mielitz

o    Lawrence Bauer, b 12 May 1859, Jefferson Co WI, m Mary Freese, no children

o    Edward Bauer, b 19 Jan 1861, Jefferson Co WI, m Caroline A Lalk/Sargent

§  Harry E Bauer, b 23 Jun 1889, Jefferson Co WI, m Elma L Ewing

§  Kathryn E Bauer, b 2 Oct 1891, Jefferson Co WI, m Victor Van Acker

§  Jessie I Bauer, b 10 May 1894, Jefferson Co WI, m August J Van Acker

§  Grace Bauer, b 4 Jul 1896, Jefferson Co WI, m William Zieman

§  John H Bauer, b 25 Apr 1900, Jefferson Co WI, m Dorothy E Plum


·         Johann Georg Bauer, b 22 Sep 1752 Baden Ger, d 25 Feb 1812 Baden Ger, m Eva Katharina Filling - Billie Jane McInerney [janemacmc AT gmail.com]

o    Johann Martin Bauer, b 9 Oct 1784 Baden Ger, d 19 Feb 1865 Baden Ger, m Anna Barbara Hoffman

§  Christian Bauer, b 10 Dec 1822 Baden Ger, d 11 May 1873, St Louis MO, m Christina Wagner

§  Johann Karl Bauer, b 6 May 1844 Baden Ger, d 8 May 1915 Omaha NE, m Mary Kammerer

§  Christian Andrew Bauer, b 12 Sep 1879 St Louis MO, d 17 Feb 1921 Omaha NE, m Janie Alvina Anderson


·         Johann Jacob Bauer, b 1716 Kleinbottwar GR, d 1788 Kleinbottwar GR, m Angelica Majer - Don/Alice Bauer [sprankbauer AT aol.com]

o    Elizabetha Bauer, b 1748 Kleinbottwar GR

o    Carl Friedrick Bauer, b 1751 Kleinbottwar GR, d 1823 Kleinbottwar GR, m Catharina Treiber

§  Johann Cunrad Bauer, b 1776 Kleinbottwar GR

§  Maria Catharina Bauer, b 1778 Kleinbottwar GR

§  Christian Bauer, b 1780 Kleinbottwar GR, d 1788 Kleinbottwar GR

§  Charlotta Bauer, b 1783 Kleinbottwar GR

§  Carl Bauer, b 1786 Kleinbottwar GR, d 1788 Kleinbottwar GR

§  Johann Friedrich Bauer, b 1789 Kleinbottwar GR

§  Dorothea Bauer, b 1792 Kleinbottwar GR, d 1792 Kleinbottwar GR

§  Christian Bauer, b 1793 Kleinbottwar GR, immigrated US c1827, child by Eva Catharina Radspinner

§  Karl Friedrich Bauer, b 1825 Rielingshausen GR, d 1906 Aurora IN, m Anna Schultheiss - B-43

o    Johann Georg, b 1754 Kleinbottwar GR, d 1754 Kleinbottwar GR

o    Johann Georg, b 1755 Kleinbottwar GR


·         Martin Bauer of Germany, b 1671, d 1732, m Maria Schmid - Linda Bauman [QLTMAKR2 AT NXS.NET]

o    Martin Bauer of Germany and Lehigh Co PA, b 1707, d 1781, m Anna B Schempp

§  Michael Bauer of Lehigh Co PA, b 1745, d 1818, m Rebecca Heil

§  Frederick Bauer of Lehigh and Lycoming Cos PA, b 1787, d 1841, m Mariah Beck

§  Elias Frederick Bauer of Lycoming Co PA, b 1809, d 1885, m Mary A Beck

§  Benjamin F Bauer of Lycoming Co PA, b c1842, m Mary C Verbeck

§  Stepheh Franklin Bauer, m Bertha J Smith

§  Walter Stephen Bauer, m Margaret E Pistner - B-10



·         Henry Boward, b c1718, possibly Ger, d Washington Co MD, m Anna Maria - Robert Boward [boward AT essex1.com]

o    Michael Boward, b c1750, married Margaret Bragonier - B-14

§  Anna Maria Boward, b 20 Jul 1779 Washington Co MD, m Richard McDanel

§  George Boward, b 16 Sep 1782 Washington Co MD, m Margaret Burkett

§  Anna Margaret Boward, b 4 Feb 1784 Washington Co MD, m John Feigley

§  Christiana Boward, b 3 Aug 1788 Washington Co MD, m John Keiper

§  Michael Boward, b 1791 Washington Co MD, m1 Nancy Ann, m2 Catherine Kershner

§  Jacob David Boward, b 8 Jan 1792 Washington Co MD, m Catherine Waggoner

§  Andrew Boward, b 24 Mar 1796 Washington Co MD, m Nancy Ann Wolford

§  Sarah A Boward, b 22 Nov 1798 Washington Co MD, m John Henry Creager

o    Valentine Boward, b c1752

o    Henry Baumward, b 22 Jun 1744 possibly Frederick Co MD, m Margaretha

§  Anna Marie Bawoth, b 6 Jun 1777 Frederick Co MD, m ? Roher

§  Susan Bawat, b 10 Oct 1778 Frederick Co MD, m Eber DeCew

§  Elizabeth Bowat, b 13 Apr 1780 Frederick Co MD, m William Fares

§  Henrick Bawat, b 4 Feb 1782

§  Catherine Bawat, b 30 Jan 1784 Frederick Co MD, m1 Raynard Potts, m2 Isaac DeCew

§  Johannes Bawath, b 7 Apr 1786

§  Elizabeth Bawath, b 7 Nov 1787

§  Henrich Bawath, b 3 Aug 1789

§  Frederick Baumwart, b 13 Jun 1790, m Fanny Becket

§  Henrick Baumwart Jr, b 31 Oct 1793, m1 Nancy Foster, m2 Rachel Smith

§  Jacob Baumwart, b 1796, m1 Sally Smith, m2 Sarah Ann Woodworth

§  David Baumwart, b 11 Apr 1801, m1 Julia Mabee, m2 Mary Francis

o    Ann Bauer, b c1759 Frederick Co MD, m Christian Roher

§  Henry Rohrer, b Ontario Can, m Eleanor McCleish

§  Mary Rohrer, b Ontario Can, m James Price

§  Margaret Rohrer, b Ontario Can, m Phillip Underhill

§  Elizabeth Rohrer, b Ontario Can, m David Underhill

§  Catherine Rohrer, b Ontario Can, m Luke Dedrick

§  Daniel Rohrer, b Ontario Can, m Jane McCleish

§  John Rohrer, m Mary Edwards

§  Susan Rohrer, b Ontario Can, m Titius Williams

§  David Rohrer, m Sophronia Troyer

§  Jacob Rohrer, m Mary Ann Williams

o    Leonard Boward, b Sep 1760, m Rebecca Nave [N.B. Not supported by DNA results.  See B-11 under George Bowers]

o    Philip Baumward, b c1763

o    Peter Boward, b c1768 Washington Co MD, m Eve Leiter

§  Mary Polly Boward, b c1795 Allegany Co MD, m John G Hoffman

§  Leonard Boward, b 1798 MD, m Athaliah Rebecca Hopewell

§  Catherine Boward, b c1795, m Martin Rizer

§  Elizabeth Boward, b c1799, m Christopher Stotler

§  John C Boward, b 1802 Allegany Co MD, m Martha Amassy Robinett 





·         Jacob Beyer, b 1783, d 1848, m Elizabeth Engle - JRWMIW [wookieweaver2 AT yahoo.com]

o    Samuel Boyer, b 1808, d 1895, m Barbara Bletz

§  John B Boyer,  b 1846, d 1931, m Mary Ann Plasterer

§  Cyrus Plasterer Boyer, b 1886, d 1961, m Elizabeth Ruhl


·         Peter Beyer, b c1821, d 29 Feb 1860, m Marie Scherer - Barbara V. Smith [barbara AT frognet.net]

o    Conrad H Beyer, b 11 Apr 1845, d 2 Sep 1899, m Mary A Von Rohr

§  Sophia M Albertina "Abbie" Beyer, b 12 Dec 1892, m Anthony "A" Glenn Volz





·         Charles Baier/Boyer, b c1810 Osterburken, Schlierstadt, Baden, Germany, d 1859 - Ed Boyer [edboyer AT prodigy.net]

o    Martin Boyer, b 6 Nov 1839 Baden Ger, d 1925 Clay Co IN

§  Walter Boyer, b 22 Oct 1872 Clay Co IN, d 8 Oct 1951 Clay Co IN

§  Edward Boyer, b 5 May 1895 Clay Co IN, d 9 Sep 1978 Vigo Co IN

§  Harold Ernest Boyer, b 13 Feb 1915 Clay Co IN, d 9 Jul 1974 Mason Co MI

§  Edward Harold Boyer - B-15

·         Bartheny Boyer, b 1826 “Boussens” (Haute Garonne) France, d 1893 Leffond (Haute Saone) France - Christian Boyer [christianboyer AT yahoo.com]

o    Auguste Boyer, b. Leffond (Haute Saone) France, d Saint Michel sur Rhone France

§  Fernand Boyer, b 1897 Saint Michel sur Rhone (Loire) France, d 1975 Paris France - B-49





·         Francis Bowery, b 1750 VA, d 25 Sep 1793 Knox Co TN, m Margaret - Rose Bowery [rrbowery AT sbcglobal.net]

o    John Bowery, b 1773 VA, d c1840 Sullivan Co TN, m Elizabeth Barnhart

§  Andrew Thomas Bowery, b 30 Jan 1825 Sullivan Co TN, d 22 Feb 1898 Sullivan Co TN, m Adaline Harbour

§  Wesley Martin Bowery, b 17 Aug 1869 Sullivan Co TN, d 3 Dec 1949 Marion Co IA, m Sarah Catherine Snodgrass

§  James Lee Bowery, b 15 Oct 1890 Blountville TN, d 28 Apr 1977 Warren Co IA, m Lois Glyde Wright - B-31