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 Grouping into Lineages


o    Lineage I - Giles Bowers: The earliest record of Giles Bowers is a land grant for 200 acres on Linches/Lynches Creek in Granville, now Franklin County, North Carolina in March, 1749.  That parcel and his subsequent holdings were located just north of Louisberg, the county seat of present day Franklin County.  The names of the early settlers of Granville County are the same as those found in the records of Isle of Wight, now Southampton County, Virginia.  There is even a March 1725 land patent to Giles Bowers, who may be the father of the subject Giles.  Giles Bowers of Franklin County, North Carolina left a will dated 7 Sep 1796, which lists his children.  He died in early 1800 at the approximate age of 85.  [Source: Marvin L. Bowers, Dallas, Texas, letter dated 9 October 1992, to Howard Bowers, Oak Ridge, Tennessee.]


o    Lineage II - Most Recent Common Ancestor Unknown: B-4 and B-18 have a genetic distance of 3.  Although they failed to match with respect to only 2 markers out of the 67 tested, on one of those they differed by 2 alleles and that accounts for the genetic distance of 3.  If one postulates that the ancestral modal for this marker may fall inbetween their readings, that would mean they may be genetically closer to the modal than to each other.  Prior to testing, B-4 and B-18 did not know or suspect they were related to each other.  Now that B-18 has been tested by FTDNA, we can refer to the probability tables generated by FTDNA and get a sense of how many generations they have to go back before finding their most recent common ancestor.  The FTDNATiP reports shows a probability of 85.64% (it was 72.53% at 37 markers) that their most recent common ancestor was within 8 generations and a 97.13% (it was 91.38% at 37 markers) probability he was within 12 generations.  The actual identification of their most recent common ancestor will require either a breakthrough in their research or the emergence of another member of this lineage with a better paper trail.


o    Lineage III - Henry Bowers Sr.:  For extensive information on the descendants of Henry Bowers Sr. of Berkeley Co., VA/WV, please consult the following websites: Our Bowers and Anderson Ancestors and Lively Roots.  He is believed to be the immigrant ancestor. It is thought his name was originally Baur or Bauer, not only because this is the spelling found in some early records that appear to apply to him, but also because a Bauer has matched the haplotype of this lineage.  Since Henry Bowers, Sr. first used the Bowers spelling in 1767, it appears the most recent common ancestor with the matching Bauer probably predates Henry and probably lived in Germany or Switzerland.  Unfortunately, since the tested Bauer has little knowledge about his branch of this lineage, identifying the most recent common ancestor will be a challenge.


o    Lineage IV - Most Recent Common Ancestor Unknown:  It is hoped that additional research will reveal the connection between B-6, B-22/23 and B-29.  Except for B-22 and B-23, there is as yet no paper trail that connects them.  The possibility their respective earliest known ancestors may have been brothers is being explored.  This is a case where upgrading to 67 markers might be helpful.  The upgraded results would provide the most accurate probabilities as to whether the most recent common ancestor was in the relatively near past or the distant past.


o    Lineage V - John Leonard Bowers of Carter Co., TN: Over the years, there has been much debate about whether John Leonard Bowers of Carter Co., TN was the son of Henry Boward or George Bowers, both of Hagerstown, Washington Co., MD.  (Pedigrees for both appear on the Patriarchs Page.)  Pension records show that John Leonard Bowers was a resident of Hagerstown when he enlisted in the Maryland Line in 1778.  Both Henry Boward and George Bowers also lived in Hagerstown in 1778 and both had a son named Leonard, hence the debate.  The fact that the pension application of John Leonard Bowers shows that he belonged to a regiment and company whose roster shows a Leonard Boward and a Valentine Boward (probable brother of Leonard and namesake for one of his sons), along with other research by Robert Boward (see Henry Boward pedigree on Patriarchs Page), has persuaded many that Henry Boward was the father of John Leonard Bowers.  Y-DNA testing indicates otherwise.  Compare B-11/B-42, descendants of John Leonard Bowers, with B-14, a descendant of Henry Boward.  The haplotype of John Leonard Bowers, which is confirmed by the match between descendants through different sons, does not match the Boward haplotype nor, for that matter, even the Boward haplogroup.  While there is a slim chance the Boward line had a non-paternal event in it, or even that John Leonard Bowers was himself the product of a non-paternal event, either of which would account for the failure to match, it seems much more likely that George Bowers was the father of John Leonard Bowers and that the regimental rosters simply mispelled his name.  These Y-DNA results indicate researchers of this line should probably turn their attention to finding proof that George Bowers was his father.


         Lineage VI – Job Bowers of Wilkes Co., GA.  Job Bowers was born 1755 in VA and died Oct 1779 in Wilkes Co., GA.  He was home on furlough from revolutionary army to visit wife and new-born son, and a band of roving Tories killed him. There are no records to prove this, but the story has been handed down from generation to generation. Job was supposed to be from England, of Welsh descent. Job married Charity ?, and after his death she married Samuel Karr. The son, William, married Polly Cox, and fathered 13 children, Job b 1803; Elizabeth b 1805; Nancy b 1807; Edy b 1810; Joel b 1812; Polly (Mary) b 1814; William b 1816; Asa b 1818; Thomas W b 1820; Letty Emily b 1822; Charlotte b 1824; Sarah Kathryn b 1825; Elbert b 1832.

         Lineage VII – Most Recent Common Ancestor Unknown.  Although George Bowers, who died 1656 in Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA, is a good candidate to be the earliest known ancestor of this lineage, the lack of any pedigree information from B-35 makes this uncertain. Please refer to Patriarchs’ Page for more information on George’s lineage.

         Lineage VIII – Most Recent Common Ancestor Unknown.  Although Hans Ulrich Baur, who died 1690 in Rafz, Zurich, Switzerland, is a good candidate to be the earliest known ancestor of this lineage, the lack of any pedigree information from B-74 makes this uncertain. Please refer to Patriarchs’ Page for more information on Han Ulrich Bowers’ lineage.

Lineage IX – Most Recent Common Ancestor Unknown.  Pedigrees for both B-70 and B-77 are posted on the Patriarchs’ Page.  The most recent common ancestor has not yet been identified.

Lineage X – Most Recent Common Ancestor Unknown.

Lineage XI – Most Recent Common Ancestor Unknown.

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